Welcome to Mrs. Scott's Class!

HS Room 414

Day 1 Discussions


About Classes



About Mrs. Scott

Hometown: Aurora, NE (2007 Graduate)

College: UNL (2011 Graduate)

Majors: Secondary Business Education, Business Administration

Master's Degree: UNK-Educational Administration

Involvements: Sorority, Club Volleyball, Advisory Board, Ambassador

Time: 4th year at Aurora, 1 year at GINW

My Family

Husband: Colin, married 4 years

Daughter: Emery Marie, 16 months

Siblings: Jess, Lacy, Josey

Pets: Max

My Interests

Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Trapshooting

Activities: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Outdoors: hunting, camping, boating, riding horses

Student Teacher: Mr. Zlomke

FBLA Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 7pm

300 L Street

Aurora, NE

Job Interviews (required meeting to be eligible for SLC)


Economic Systems

Private/Public Sector

Supply & Demand

The Market

Economic Growth


Money & Banking

Will also discuss ethics

Grades: daily work, book assignments, tests, final exam


Types of Laws

Constitutional Rights

Court Systems


Property Rights

Will: evaluate court cases, visit courthouse, have a mock trial

Grades: daily work, book assignments, tests, final exam

Tort Liabilities in the Incredibles



Journal Entries

Financial Statements

Payroll & Taxes

Accounting Cycle Simulation

Accounting work in Excel

A Warning: things get more difficult as we go

Grades: daily work, tests, reinforcements, simulation packet, final exam


U.S. Economy

Types of Businesses

Personal Finance



Stock Market

Will need your planner to leave room

Will assign 10th periods if necessary


1. Need something to work on every day.

2. Lose iPad privileges if on Down List.

3. Check-out procedure.

4. Must come here first each day.

5. Use time wisely.


1. Do your own work.

2. Be respectful to every individual.

3. Come to class with a positive attitude. Every day.

4. Complete bell ringer immediately if there is one.

5. Do not abuse iPad privileges.

6. Use work time wisely or it will go away.

7. Follow all school rules.

8. Be flexible.

9. Bring a pass if you are late.

10. Do not complain.

11. No backpacks in classroom.


1. Textbook

2. Notebook & Folder

3. Writing utensil

4. Ipad

5. Calculator

6. Self-motivation

7. Planner (recommended)


1. Agenda will be on whiteboard each day

2. Check email frequently!

3. Fire Drill plan

4. Tornado Drill plan

5. Grading/Late Work

6. Google Classroom

7. Textbook reading

8. Focus on vocabulary

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often