The Gaurdian(you)

This is specifically on the three classes and their subclasses. Destiny is too large of a game with too much backstory for one flyer. In a video format, the lore, storyline, and grimoire could take twenty hours.

The Character(s)

You play as a customizable character who is resurrected by a ghost which was created by an omnicient object called the traveler. The are three classes (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock) each with three subclasses. Each subclass is designed around tapping into one of three elements: arc, solar, and (the) void. They are called Gaurdians. Titans built the wall to protect the last city. Warlocks are the scientists. Hunters show expertise outside of the wall.
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Destiny Lore - Titans and the Titan Orders (Extra Lore)
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Titans are the warriors of the city. During the cities earlier days, to defend the city, the decided to build a wall. The only first time that wall would be tested was during the battle of the six fronts in which four Hosts (like regiments) of titans formed a hexagonal shape and defended the city, not leaving their position unless dragged away as a corpse. Now, in the current age, Titans wear armor with heavy plating that is reminiscent of a knight's (the iron banner armor).

The subclasses

Like all classes, titans have three subclasses each with its own element (arc, solar, or void).

The arc subclass is called Striker. which is an offensive subclass meant to weaken the enemy with strong blows. Each subclass has a Super ability. Striker's is Fist of havoc, in which your character smashes the ground, dissolving enemies in a maelstrom of arc light.

Next up is Defender. This subclass is theme off of the titans at the battle of Twilight Gap and Six Fronts. In this subclass, the titans use the Super called Ward of Dawn which is a sphere formed out of void light that acts as a mostly indestructible shield. And finally, the most offensive subclass, the Sunbreaker. In this subclass, you "forge the fury of undying suns" and the super is titled Hammer Of Sol i which you throw flaming, explosive hammers.

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Warlocks are the Philosophers of the city, always thirsting for knowledge. Warlocks are the most intelligent of any group of gaurdians. But in their pursuing of knowledge, most succumb to insanity. Warlocks are also excellent strategists. While most warlocks keep a calm temperament, when they snap, they channel their rage into one massive destructive force.

The Subclasses

Warlocks have three subclasses which are Voidwalker, Sunsinger, and Stormcaller. Voidwalker is the title given to a warlock after he/she embraces the void and is able to use it as a weapon (most notable being Osiris). Voidwalker's super is Nova bomb. During Nova Bomb, the player hurls an explosive bolt of void light, disintegrating those caught in its blast. Sunsinger is the solar subclass for warlock where they surround themselves in radiance(their super) from the sun. Their super is so powerful that it can be activated beyond the grave. The third subclass is called stormcaller (the arc subclass). Their super is called Stormtrance where the character channels arc light through their hands as lightning.
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Hunters are explorers who specialize outside of the wall. Hunters while being not great strategists in groups, can easily cause schisms in the communication of enemy forces. Hunters are slender and around average height. Most hunter tend to have a metaphorical large mouth most notable being the hunter vangaurd, Cayde-6.

The Subclasses

The three hunter subclasses are Gunslinger, Bladedancer, and Nightstalker. Gunslinger is the solar subclass that is remembered for its power during the battle of Twilight Gap. The super is called golden gun which is a flaming golden hand cannon which disintegrates enemies on impact. The most famous is Ana Bray who was so powerful that when she fired her golden gun, it left a pool of light in her wake, to burn on for millenia. The arc subclass, Bladedancer, specializes in close quarters combat. In the super, arc blade, you charge our blade with arc light and consume your foes with lightning. The final subclass being the void Nightstalker. The most notable nightstalker is Tevis who is good friends with Cayde-6. The Nightstalker super is Shadowshot which is bow that tethers and anchors enemies which slows and supresses them.