Digital Citizenship

by Sterling

Eva's Story - Grade 6 Oops, I broadcast it on the Internet -

Digital Citizenship and Online Ethics

Digital Citizenship- Navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically.

Online Ethics-A set of principles and morals governing people’s behavior as it relates to the internet and digital devices

Brittney's Story: Posting Something You Regret

Digital Footprint and Consequence

Digital footprint- All the info about a person that can be found online.

Consequence- effect of something that happened earlier

Ricardo's Story: Making Fun of Others


Target- The person who is the object of the intentional action

Offender-A person who has malicious intent to hurt or damage someone.

Bystander- A person who does nothing when they witness something happening

Upstander- A person who supports and stands up for someone else.

Feeling on Display

Relationship and Communication

Image- A representation of something or someone such as a photo or drawing.

Double Standard-it's when a rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people.