Canada 2060

How will Canada look in 2060


This smore will be about how the next few decades will look like for Canada's image. We will be looking at Canada's population, Immigration and first nation people future.

Immigration Help

Statistics show that 400,000 Immigrants come to Canada each year. More than half of that 400,000 are refugees and family immigrants. That means more than half of those immigrants are unskilled to work jobs and unable to pay there taxes. If this type of immigration keeps growing at this rate Canada will have to raise taxes to support our elderly and support the schools for the children and youth. In the future 2060 the population will need to have a big population shift from our immigrants, most likely help from skilled immigrant because we don't need to pay higher taxes in the future.
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immigration Push and pull factores

Immigrants look at Canada and how great of a county it is. Canada has it's up's and down's. Canada has one of the best fresh water supply in the world, Canada's healthcare are free for children under 18, Canada has the best opportunity's for jobs and more. Then again Canada isn't perfect. Canada also contains a small population and high taxes. In 2030 Canada will be the most multi cultural country because of all the immigration we might get because of our good pull factors and our problems would be solved with the population and the high taxes. The higher the population the less taxes we pay as citizens in 2060.
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canada's death rates

Canada's senior population estimate will go up by 23.6 per cent in 2030. By 2060, the number of Canadians that are age 80 and over will reach nearly 5 million compared with 1.4 million in 2013. For much of that time the proportion in of seniors in the population will expand higher because there were baby bommers. Baby bommers are people who where born from 1946 to 1965. The average back then was about 5 to 6 kids or even more. Now those children born in 1946 to 1965 are now seniors, they lived this long to 2015 because of the good heath care Canada has and the good home care that Canada gives for the seniors. This means the death rates will slow down as well as the birth rates by the next five years and will have to many seniors and not enough children to balance the seniors.
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Canada's birth rate

Just because the senior population will grow doesn't mean the birth rate won't go up. Well it won't... The children born in 1970 had the best idea, they want having less kids then their parents like 3 to 4 children average then the next generation followed their idea, but that's not why they did that. It's because taxes where getting higher at that time and they couldn't support there children and also there was war going on too. The birth rate in 2013 was 68.6 percent but estimate for 2030 is 60 percent. this means that once its 2060 the birthrate could drop by 20 percent.
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canada's Birth rate and death rate

My prediction for 2060 is that Canada's birth rate will decrees by a lot and will sable after 5 to 6 years. Also Canada's death rate will also drop to a minimum amount and then stabilize in the same time period as the birth rate because of the healthy seniors we have in Canada.
Birth & Death Rate

First Nation promises

Canada's first nations are doing okay for 2015, But they could have been wealthy people. It all started when the British first met the natives. The British promised the natives wealth, guns, power and more stuff for half of Canada. Yeah sure they got some money, some guns and other stuff, but they never got the power. Now till this day they still don't have the power the British promised. But now they are working on it so that the natives will finally get there promises they deserve.
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attempt fail on the natives

When the natives met the British they made the promises right? Well the British didn't want anything to do with the natives and wanted to remove the natives permanently. So somehow the British people got the native children and took them to residential schools just for the native children. The British had a plan to get rid of the native people and then change the native children's religion. The British thought they could pull this plan off but then the British underestimated the native Americans and failed their plan. That's why you can see natives to this day.

Have to give their share

My production is that Canada will have to give those promises to the natives for Canada's future for 2060. This is because Canada's natives have the highest population of young people because they have lots of children. The natives don't mostly live in Mississauga or Toronto. They live outside the city in the urban areas and not with our community. If they do come to our community it could help Canada's population by a lot. Once Canada gives those promises the natives deserve before 2020 we might not need a lot of immigration for 2060.