Severe Weather

By: Jakira Del Valle


What are Hurricanes?

A large storm that forms over warm ocean water with very strong winds that blow in a circular pattern around the center, or eye, of the storm.

Safety Tips

Stay away from windows and if your near the coast move inward.

Wow Fact

Hurricanes can last more then a week over warm ocean water.


What are Tornadoes?

A small,funnel-shaped cloud that comes down from thunder clouds with winds spinning at very high speeds.

Safety Tips

Don't open windows during tornadoes and you can stay in a basement if you have one. If you are caught driving in a tornado don't be under a bridge or on top of one. If you are in a hotel, try to go to the lowest level and even lower if you can.

Wow Facts

Tornadoes usually are really small, they don't do much damage if it is small.Tornadoes happen for a small amount of time.


What are Thunderstorms?

A severe storm with lightning,thunder,heavy rain,strong wind and sometimes hail.

Safety Tips

Don't be near water or have it running and get candles and flashlights just in case the power goes out.

Wow Facts

Lightning can sometimes drop hail. Some thunderstorms start tornadoes.