The Importance of Decimals

Reported by Kiera Mathews

Don't Forget Decimals

Lots of people think that decimals aren't important, that they can just round to the next whole number. But the truth is we actually need decimals. In money for instance, say you need twenty dollars and fifteen cents, you only have twenty dollars because you thought you wouldn't need cents.

How To ?

Questions and Steps

1. How do you use multiplying and dividing decimals in the real world?

Thats an easy one, all you have to do is think of money.

2. What are the steps to follow when multiplying decimals?

All you have to do is multiply like normal, BUT don't line up the numbers.

3. What are the steps to follow when dividing decimals?

Just divide like normal and once you have your answer just put the decimal in.

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