-1 world

-7 billion people

-1000kg of truth

-7000000kg of respect

-72 cups of justice

-70000kg of freedom

-70000kg of happinaess

-7800g of dreams

-infite food and water


-step1: Take 1 world add 7 billion people so the poputation is filled

-step2: Mix 10000kg of truth and 72 cups of justice so everybody is honest and crime is rare

-step3: Happily infuse it with 70000kg of freedom and7800g of deams so people are freeto dream what they want and do it

-step4: Gently unite it with 70000kg of happiness and 7000000kg of respect so racism and sadness has a 0.00000000000001 percent chance of occuring

-step5: Merge it with an infinite supply of food so there is no famine

-step6: Finally enjoy your new world and keep it protected for at least 100 centuries

Michael Jackson - Heal The World