Paris, France

Paris is a Dream ,Paris is romantic ,Paris is a vacation

Fine French Food

BONJOUR ! Come to Pairs,France to lighten your taste buds with some Paris food and traditional manners .Such a baguette fresh yeast baked with water until golden brown .Also paris food is mostly dairy or buttery products .Also the french eat very particularly , so if your a women or femme you rest your forearm on the edge of the table if your a man or homme you rest your wrist on the edge of the table .So go and taste the most divine dishes in Paris ,France.

Divine Dishes

Lovely french canvas

All About Paris ART

Pairs has lovely art to share .There's the mona lisa and her mysterious smile ,and poetry as will.Building are another good way to indulge in French art . Also art isn't just sight its smell so smell some Chanel .But baking is what make french art so addicting.Isn't Pairs art good already


Paris is a beautiful place at night.The Arche de tromphe beams and glow as the Louve

shine in a rainbow.Also as the Eiffel Tower shimmers and beams bright in the sky.And Paris has museums and painters and mimes too.

adventure of Paris

Paris is a must see city and can be over whelming so plan everything you want to do .Landmark are so busy get all your ticket because Paris max wait time is 4 hrs.Every thing is so grand and massive you won't be able to see every thing in one day.So go see the thing you would like to see. Enjoy the video.

The wonderful things in Paris

Paris, France Travel Guide

The language of Love

Paris , France has a very strict language french everyone speaks it. You can email and text your friend and families .Also you can send postcards for french post office .Go to Barns and Nobles or half price Books and buy a french dictionary and learn during the long trip there.

Sunny , rainy , and maybe cloudy

The weather there is very nice.In June it pleasant but dry around 75 December is is cool and wet around 34 .April is rainy there's almost 5" of rain .So plan the date of your visit accordingly.As you can see Paris is very nice so visit Paris really soon I know I want too.

I did NOT make this up

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