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July 31, 2020

A Message From Principal Morris

Welcom Back!

Live Parent Meeting With Principal Morris

Save the Date!

Join me virtually on August 5th at 6:00 p.m. to hear more about Distance Learning and the school year. If you cannot attend the event, it will be recorded and shared with our parents. I will be sending out the link for the meeting next week.

Superintendent's, Dr. Bob Taylor, Messages to WVUSD Families About Distance Learning

Distance Learning Bell Schedule

Student Bell Schedule

TK & Kindergarten

8:00 a.m-11:30 a.m. Instructional Time (whole group/small groups)

11:30 a.m.-12:10 p.m. Lunch

12:10 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Student Support/Tutorial Time


8:00 a.m-12:30 p.m. Instructional Time (whole group/small groups)

12:30 p.m.-1:10 p.m. Lunch

1:10 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Student Support/Tutorial Time

*Students will receive Wellness Breaks and Recess Time

Student Supplies

In the Parent Information Pack (scroll down) on page 9, each grade level has provided a list of suggested school supplies that are optional for parents to purchase to help enhance their child's learning. Even though we are starting with Distance Learning, these supplies will be used by your child throughout their learning.

The Constitution of the State of California requires that we provide a public education to students free of charge, unless a charge is specifically authorized by law. Please direct questions about school-specific matters needing clarification or explanation directly to the school’s principal.

Textbook/Workbook Parent Pick Up

I am excited to announce that we will be able to distribute student materials (textbooks, workbooks, packets, journals, etc.) for the students to use during Distance Learning. Parents will drive to Maple Hill to pick up the materials in a safe manner that follows all Public Health guidelines. Having these resources will curtail too much screen time during their learning.

The pick up schedule is still in the process of being developed I will send it out to parents by next week.

Back To School Night

Originally, when Back to School Night was planned, before summer, it was going to be held August 12th from 6:00-7:10 p.m. in person at Maple Hill. However, due to Distance Learning, this schedule has been cancelled. Your child's teacher will be communicating with you on how they will proceed with providing information to parents. The teacher may still hold a virtual Back to School Session or forward you information, which will be posted on our website. Teachers will be emailing parents with next steps.

Student Chrome Book Device Check Out

If your Maple Hill student is in need of a Chrome Book for Distance Learning and you would like to borrow a loaner device, please click on the link below and complete the form as soon as possible. Once you complete the form, you will receive additional communication from our district's Technology Department with your scheduled pick up time appointment. Maple Hill will be distributing Chrome Books at our school site on August 5th from 12 p.m.-3:00 p.m. The only way to pick up a Chrome Book is to fill out the form and receive an appointment time for pick up.

Distance Learning Lunch Program

Lunch will be served at the school site during the lunch period. Students will need their student ID card to purchase or pick up their lunch. Free and reduced lunch service will resume. Please see the attachment below for more specific information about purchasing lunch.

Nutrition Services is also encouraging households to apply for Free/Reduced Price meals online at

Child Care During Distance Learning

Are you curious about child care? Please visit the link below to find out more information from our Childcare Department.

Preparing Your Child For Distance Learning

We believe that learning is best provided in person with opportunities for social interaction and hands-on learning experiences. The learning environment we are preparing is in response to the world-wide COVID-19 Pandemic. It is important to prepare your child for learning in this way because developmentally, children at this age are wired to move and be social during instruction. With this in mind, please consider the following pieces of information:

  • Create a learning space that is free of distraction in a well-lit part of your home
  • Allowing your child to wear headphones will help them hear the classroom dialogue and eliminate noises in the home that might distract them.
  • Make sure devices are fully charged the night before
  • Remind family members that if they walk behind your child's computer, they will be in view of all students and their respective family members. It is important that clothing and language be appropriate for an elementary school setting.
  • Maintain a schedule that you would follow if your child was to attend school on campus. Make sure your child has time to eat breakfast before starting class. Your child should be dressed for school when online instruction begins.
  • Respect instructional time. If you have questions or concerns you want to address with your child's teacher, you can email him or her to set up a time to talk outside of class time. Parents and care-givers should not interrupt instruction to talk with the teacher.
  • Respect the relationship between the teacher and your child. We do not expect parents or caregivers to take on the role of the teacher. If your child is in class and requires help or has questions, allow the teacher to respond to your child.
  • Respect the educational setting and save snacks and meals for times that are outside the online learning sessions.
  • Prepare your child for this learning environment and involve them in setting up the learning space to help them feel excited about starting school. Make them their own special "office".

Socially and Emotionally

  • Your child will need to be able to sit and focus on instruction for about 25 minutes at a time. One way you can prepare your child for this is to read stories or put puzzles together for 25 minutes before taking a break and limit screen time.
  • Foster independence and self-advocacy by encouraging your child to ask questions and let you know when they need something. Help them learn appropriate times to ask the teacher for help and discuss different ways they can do that during class (emails, raising his or her hand, chat boxes)
  • Help your child name their feelings so that they can advocate for themselves in school. For example, help your child understand the difference between feeling sad, mad, frustrated, and scared.
  • Discuss internet safety and appropriateness with your child. It is important that they understand how to use computers as learning tools and let you know if any inappropriate ads pop up online. Anything a student searches for is monitored by our school's online security.

Being engaged in online learning requires a partnership and shared responsibility between home and school. If there is anything our team can do to support your child's learning, do not hesitate to reach out to me or your child's teacher.

Technology Support For Parents During Distance Learning

Helpful Tips for parents on how to get onto Google Classroom, Student Portal, Aries, and if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your loaner Chrome Book. Please click the link below. You can email the Support Team directly via this link and they will respond back in 48 hours.

Parent Information Packet

This packet was provided to you online when you completed the Re-registration (Data Confirmation) for your child. This packet includes all information pertaining to Maple Hill.

Until further notice, our school office will be temporarily closed. Parents will need to make an appointment with the office to come to the school for any reason. Please email Kendra Wilson (Administrative Assistant) at with your requests.

District School Calendar 2020-2021

Re-Registration (Data Confirmation) Instructions

Maple Hill uses an online re-registration (Data Confirmation) process for ALL incoming and returning students, using the Aeries Parent Portal. Re-registering is required to update student enrollment information, so we have the most current contact, address, and health information.

Once you complete your online re-registration (Data Confirmation), you will be able to access your child's teacher's name the week of August 3rd.

The instructions to complete the online re-registration (Data Confirmation) process are listed below, along with a tutorial video to assist you.

Please complete by: August 28th

Steps to Complete Online Re-Registration (Data Confirmation)

Step 1 – Access Your Aeries Parent Portal Account:

The first step in the process is to access the Aeries Parent Portal account by going to and click Aeries Portal for Parents & Students. If you have forgotten your password, you can click Forgot Password to obtain a new password.

Step 2 – Data Confirmation Process:

Once you access your parent portal account, you may complete the online re-registration/data confirmation process. When you log in, you will see a bar at the top of the screen-“You have not yet completed the Student Data Confirmation Process, or you will see the first page of the Data Confirmation beginning with Family Information.” Click on the link to begin the process. Read all the instructions and information on each page.

Step 3-Access Your Child’s Teacher for 2020-2021 (week of August 3rd)

While in the Parent Portal, click on Student Menu, then select the Supplemental Page. You can view your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year.