Special Needs Elementary Teacher

Kira Mottl

Abilities and tasks you need to perform for this job.

  • You have to have lots of patience and flexibility
  • You have to work typically from 7:00-4:00 and mostly all week
  • You may have to work weekends at home
  • You need to be very organized
  • To love kids and be willing to work with them all day is the most important part

Education needed for this job.

  • You need to complete at least a bachelor's degree and an approved teacher education program.
  • Many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in special education.
  • Most degrees are 4 to 5 years in length.
  • Some programs offer specialization in areas such as behavioral disorders or learning disabilities.

Personal impressions/ best parts of the job.

  • Helping kids through their early ages of education
  • You get the summers off
  • A great part of the job is finding a different ways to teach to certain kids with different disabilities.
  • The very best part of the job is being around kids all day long for 5 days a week


  • entry wage- $46,180
  • median wage- $59,660
  • experienced wage- $70,680
  • earnings range from 34k-84k
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