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Report Cards are Coming

Look for them to come home next Mon/Tues. Jan 25th and 26th!

Making up Past Due Work

At the start of the second semester, we would like to remind students who are behind in their work that they can arrange to come in on a Friday to get extra help. We have had many students use this to their advantage, and we would like to continue to advertise it as an option to help our struggling students. If you would like to come in on a friday, please contact your teachers, Mr. Brewer, or Ms. Jenkins to arrange a space for you!

Full Remote Schedule

In the event that we have to close again and go fully remote, please reference this schedule.

Ordering Yearbooks

Time is quickly running out to order your Biglerville Yearbook! The yearbook includes both Upper Adams Middle School and Biglerville High School. Order now to ensure that your student has a yearbook this spring. There are three ways to order. Order by mail - pick up an order form in the front office. Order by phone - call the Balfour Call Center at 800-225-3687. The easiest and quickest way to order is to go to the Balfour website - Select your school and order your yearbook! A confirmation receipt is sent directly to your email address. Remember– there are NO guarantees that extra books will be available at distribution – we can’t risk ordering many extras - so order NOW to avoid disappointment this spring. If you’ve already ordered your student’s 2021 yearbook, thank you for your support of the Biglerville yearbook department. Please email Lisa Harman if you have any questions

7th Grade Ancient History

The Seventh Grade History Class went on a walk to visit historical sites in Biglerville on Thursday, January 21st.

7th Grade Science

7th grade science students finished the semester by participating in a frog dissection. This is the final activity students complete for the semester. It is the culminating activity for their vertebrates unit. All students participated and enjoyed the activity.

7th Grade ELA

Students in the 7th grade are diving into figurative language through the exploration of their new class novel, Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. This novel is a historical fiction piece written in free verse. The novel follows a young girl surviving through the Great Depression and Oklahoma's Dust Bowl.

8th Grade ELA

The 8th grade English language arts students are studying the Holocaust and will be reading the Anne Frank Drama. For many, this is their first time learning about this major event in our history. In remembrance, the students decorated butterflies (a symbol of all those lost) to fill the hallway and remind everyone passing through of the many innocent people who were lost during the Holocaust.

Cafe Connections

Our cafeteria staff has been hard at work keeping our students fed in and out of school. They have been providing meals for our cyber students as well as our in-school students, so this year has brought on a new set of challenges for the staff. As always, they rise to the occasion and have delivered excellent meals all school year long. Thank you to our cafeteria staff for keeping us well-fed!

Johnny was thrilled to have Mr. Brewer as his guest server!

Johnny is thrilled to get his meal from the guest server, Mr. Brewer!

Strengthening Families Program is Back!

Big picture

Counselor's Corner

It is no secret that the US economy isn't in the best position right now. Unemployment is up, and many people have had to turn to unemployment assistance to get through these tumultuous times. I start with the bad news in order to show that I understand talking about careers during a time like now might seem a bit hollow. However, there is a method for my madness.

Luckily, the PA Chamber Foundation ( has already been ahead of the curve, and has provided a wealth of resources for parents to learn more about the in-demand jobs of today right here in PA. If you visit,, you will find a treasure trove of resources and tools to help you and your child plan their future. There are even tools to help you, in case you are also looking for a career change. No matter what your reason, it is never a bad idea to plan out a brighter financial path, and for many of these careers, students can get trained for free if they choose to go the career and technical route at Cumberland-Perry Area Vo-Tech School.

In the upcoming months, the 8th graders will start their HS course selection process. They will be visited by their HS counselor, Mrs. Bonnie Ott, who will give a presentation on how to select classes. You will be receiving more information when the time gets closer, so stay tuned! I will also be working with 8th graders to finalize their 8th grade Career and Academic Plans, and will have a good idea of the students who show the most interest in careers offered at CPAVTS.

I have added a video from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics on the employment projections for the next decade. Due to the fact that this was released before the pandemic, the department also has released information on COVID impact, so if you really want to geek out on charts, stats, and research, check out their predictions on how the pandemic will impact job markets.

Kim Jenkins

UAMS Counselor

BLS Occupational Employment Projections, 2019-29