Award Winning Non-Fiction by Makenna

Schools Get Healthy

By Makenna

Are you concerned about you or your child's weight. Well you should eat more healthy foods and exercise more often. I think schools should have healthy food choices, and more exercising. Being obese means very overweight. Being obese can cause cancer and heart problems, that you can suffer horribly from or even die.

Did you know some schools have taken away cupcakes and sweets from holidays and birthdays? Schools did that because, kids are getting obese. In the article, “Students - Get Healthy, they talk about how schools are taking out sugary foods and more healthy food choices. In that article “experts say the percentage of children aged 6 - 11 years old who were obese more than doubled from 1980 - 2012”. This is a reason why some schools have changed there menu’s. For example our school, we have changed from lots of pizza and corn dogs to power hummus and pasta fazool. Schools should have healthier food so kids can get in better eating habits.

Now that you know about healthy food, let’s talk about exercising. Schools across america are having skateboarding in gym. Some schools have life long sports so you can be active for the rest of your life. In the article,School of Skate” a sixth grader Carlos Cervantes is learning how to skateboard. Carlos’s skateboarding teacher at west middle school, Eric Klassen agrees “ A baby attempts to walk 600 - 900 times before ( he or she ) is successful, just like skateboarding”. I think schools should have more P.E ( physical education) time, and more life long sports because kids will be more active and have less chance of being obese.

In conclusion schools should have more healthy food choices and more exercising. Because some parents can be concerned about their child's weight.

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The Lab of Ornithology

The Lab of Ornithology

Today(6/5) I had a field trip to the Lab of Ornithology (and if you're wondering ornithology is the study of birds ). It was fun! First, we split up, then I when hiking. We weren't hiking alone though. We hike with our buddy class, another 5th grade class at Cayuga Heights. We were in group of ten, the hike felt short. We went to four different places, but it was hard to tell where we where. We when into a mature forest, younger forest, swamp, and pond. Afterwards, we went to four different stations. One where we looked at wild life come to us. One where we watched a video about birds. Another, one where we listened to animal sounds which seemed to be a favorite. Finally my least favorite, the merol. There was a (giant, scary) mural that had life size birds on it. It was beautiful (and I'm not going to lie, it freaked me out!) It was fun and I wish I could be there love to do it again (except the mural).

By Emily

Poetry Month By: Marlea

April is national poetry month!






Fort Stanwix by Saya and Makenna

The trip for 4th grade to Fort Stanwix was a day in the life of a soldier. We took a coach bus to Fort Stanwix near Rome NY.

The sergeants didn't have to do anything and they made us sweep with tiny brooms. It was so dusty there was raining dust. There were barracks where the soldiers had to sleep and all they had was a hard wood pallet with straw on it. Some of us were drummers and at the end of the day the people who were drummers had really sore necks. We had to march a lot.

The trip to Fort Stanwix was awesome. The people who guided us acted like American Patriots and acted like everything was real.

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Famous International Monuments by Brandon

There are many famous monuments like Big Ben a clock tower that's in the north end of the grand palace of Westminster. Another great monument in the UK (United Kingdom) is Stone Henge. Now we move onto Italy it's so old we don't specifically know the year. It's the Coliseum of Rome,Italy. It was built around the year 72 AD and was completed in 80 AD.

Now we move to the USA one famous monument is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was built in 1875. Another famous monument is Mount Rushmore it was carved in 1927. Did you know they used dynamite to carve the faces? Did you also know there is a secret entrance to the carvings in mount rushmore.

Another famous monument is Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is a famous monument located in India. Another famous monument in India is the Golden Temple and it actually made out of real pure gold.

Third Grade Field Trips by Ronald and Chris

Third grade has been going on a lot of field trips this month! We went to Cayuga Heights and met our Cayuga Heights buddies and planted flowers. Snapdragons were a popular flower to plant. We got to play on the big playground and it was super hot out there. Before that we went to the Youth Farm. We got to play on the big hay bales and got chased by chickens!

Our next field trip is to the Botanical Gardens at Cornell. We will learn about all kinds of flowers and plants. We are going to get cards with latin names for flowers and we have to find the flowers around the garden.

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Visit to the Enfield Food Pantry by Olivia

The 5th grade went to the Enfield Food Pantry on Friday, May 12. I thought it would be a bigger building. But it was this old building with some the paintings on the walls and food.It has a waiting room for people and then there's some lines I go through in order to get the food. I thought you would go with and not have to wait.

The food here is for people who don't have a lot of food in their house. They can get it for free.

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Mother's Day by Madalynn and Amelia

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are some things you can make for your mom

You can color a picture for your mom

You could also take your mother to breakfast lunch or maybe dinner

You and your mom

and do something nice for your mom like make her a picture.

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LACS Visit by Brandon

Mr. Brooks' 4th grade class visited Lehman Alternative Community School and it was awesome. We went to the library which is shown above. There are murals on every floor and every wall. We did a scavenger hunt. Then we went to the graffiti room. And then we played a racing game in there ginormous gym. It was called Peanut Butter Poison and you only thing we could use were jumprope a shorter and mats. It was a really cool school.

The Making of the Mindfulness Garden!

Maker Space

Kids get creative in the Maker Space!
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Amazing Fiction Story!!!!! The Secret Passage By Makenna

Chapter 1

The Old Man

In the summer in Palmetto, Florida, 2oo7 a girl who was 13 named alice was skipping on the sidewalk and, she passed an old man.

The man looked strange with a skull tattoo and a leather jacket and, he was staring at her with a sly grin. She walked faster but, the old man Walked faster. She walked by an abandoned library, it was all white cinder blocks with broken glass windows. She looked at it for a while and, the old man was still staring at her.

She stopped to ask where he was going, he said he was off to find a secret passage. Alice was puzzled.

Chapter 2

The creaky bridge

Vincent and Alice were talking about planning to go to the abandoned library to look for the book about the abandoned library, then read it. “The She bent down to pretend to tie her shoe, and he walked in the abandoned library . Her plan worked, she followed the man, he didn’t know she was following him. She hid behind an old tree but it was old and, it started creaking. So, she ran to the gate next to the door. The door was shutting so she reached her hand to the doorknob so it wouldn't shut fully. Alice swung the door open and ran around the gate. She ran in the library and followed him. The old man was walking around knocking and, knocking and,knocking on the walls.But then he was tired of knocking so he sat down to rest, he looked for a good book. He grabbed a book about the abandoned library. Just then he noticed Alice standing next to him, he let go of the book,

“why are you here?” said the old man,

“I'm here because I want to find a secret passage with you. Also what's your name? My name is Alice”.

My name is Vincent but, my friends call me vinny”.

“Ok are you hungry vinny?” “Sure”said Vincent,”let’s go get some lunch at that pizza place across the street “said Alice.

”Ok I'll pay”said Vincent. So they walked out the door, and across the street. They ordered two pieces of pepperoni pizza then,the cashier said your number is 24 then, they sat down in a booth. “So, why are you looking for a secret passage” said Alice.” I can’t tell you”said Vincent.” Number 24”said the cashier.”Hey that’s our number, I’ll get the pizza”said Vincent. He walked over to the counter, took the pizza and said, “thank you”. He walked

backover to the booth, and sat down. Then they started talking more. So why do you want to find a secret passage “said Alice”?

book probably has some good information about why it is abandoned now” said Vincent.“Yeah” said

Alice with a grin. Vincent was puzzled on why she was grinning. They were done with their pizza, and they headed out of the restaurant.Then they went across the street, then they saw a bridge and the went over to the bridge to check it out. “We should go over it” said Vincent. No we shouldn’t it too creaky and old it’s going to fall down”said Alice. “It falling is like a 5% chance” said Vincent. “I am not going over that bridge”said Alice.

“Oh yes you are”said Vincent. Vincent picked Alice up and ran over the bridge.Alice screamed “ahh”.“stop complaining we are across the bridge”said Vincent.

Alices and Vincent's view of the bridge they are walking on.

“Why did you do that we could've went around the bridge”said Alice.“ It's more fun to go on the bridge”said Vincent. They walked across the street and over to the abandoned library.Do you want to know a joke. “Yeah sure”said Vincent.“why did Alice and Vincent cross the road” said Alice. “I don't know”said Vincent. “They went to the abandoned library”said Alice. “That joke was not very funny”said Vincent.“ I know it wasn't that funny but, it's true”said Alice. Alice and Vincent walked in the abandoned library. They went to the bookshelf looking for a book. They were looking for the book about the abandoned library.

The bookshelf Alice and Vincent were looking at.

“There is so many numbers on the books”said

Alice. “We can find it”said Vincent.“Where was the book when I was holding it before, when we met” said Vincent. “What time is it” said Alice. “ It is 7:oo sharp”said Vincent. “ Oh no!I need to go home, I was supposed to be home by 7:00”. “Do you have a car”said Alice. “Yes, I do but, it’s at my work” . “ Ok where is your work”said Alice. “Down the street” ,“ok lets go”. “Follow me”said Vincent, as they ran out the door. We have to cross the street on our way, but only once “said Vincent as they ran toward his car” .Get in the front seat if your aloud to, because I have a bunch of grocery bags in the back. Where do you live? “1034, Bayshore road. But drop me off so that my parents can’t see that I'm in your car, they don't like me going in people's car if they don't know my parents. Also when does your work end? Cause I want to meet you at your work tomorrow whenever your work ends”. “My work ends at 3:00, I’ll meet you there”, should I drop you off right here”? Said Vincent. “Sure”. “Bye, remember to come to my work tomorrow at 3:00”.

“Where do you want me to meet you, at your work”? “At my car, make sure to get a good look at my car when you leave, so you’ll know what it looks like”. “Bye” said Alice. “Bye” said Vincent.

Chapter 3

Meeting the Parents

Alice opened the car door she took a good look at Vincents car color and size. Then she ran to her house, she opened her old house door (creeeak). Her parents were working late she thought to herself. She ran quietly up the stairs up to her room and immediately started studying, so that her parents would think that she was studying when they got there. Then she got on her computer on her desk in her room. Then Alice looked up Vincent on the internet, then she realised that she didn't know his last name. It still showed pictures of his face and he was playing the piano!! It said his last name was montgomery. Then she looked up Vincent Montgomery. And it showed more pictures of him playing the piano, and this time it showed him sitting next to a little girl.

Alice thought that maybe he taught little kids to play the piano. He must be like famous Alice thought to herself. Then the doorbell rang (ding dong ). Alice ran down the stairs. And she opened the door it was her parents, Brittany and Tony. “Hi mom, hi dad” said Alice. “Hi Alice”said Alice’s mom.

“Hi Alice” said Alices dad. “What are we having for supper” said Alice. “We’re having mashed potatoes, chicken and corn” said Alice’s mom. “Yumm, that sounds great” said Alice. 10 minutes later. “Supper time Alice” Yelled Alices dad. Alice ran downstairs, ooh yumm!! She sat down in the dining room with her parents and ate,one scoop of mashed potatoes, cut chicken and corn. Then Alice was done with her food. So she went back upstairs. Then her older sister Ella came out of her room and asked her if she could borrow her laptop. Then Alice ran to her room and deleted all of the tabs on her laptop, so Ella wouldn’t see that she was looking at pictures of Vincent. Then Alice gave her laptop to Ella. “Here you go”said Alice. “Thank you”said Ella. Then Ella looked for the tab that she saved and it was gone! “Alice. You deleted all my important tabs for homework” Ella yelled. Then Ella looked up in the History of Alice's computer if her homework tabs were in there and found pictures of Vincent Montgomery. The she walked over into Alice's room with the laptop and asked Alice who she was looking up and why. Alice said "Ummm...."