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12 August 2022

St Thomas’ Primary School is part of a faith community centred on the life of Jesus, as expressed in our Motto, ‘Together in Christ’

Our Vision is to 'Educate the Whole Child' and empower learners as global citizens, to be curious, collaborative, creative and critical thinkers, inspired by Christ.

Important Dates

Friday 12 August - Drama Club Performance 5:30 pm (sold out)

Friday 19 August - Confirmation Retreat Y6

Monday 22 August - Pupil Free Day

Wednesday 24 August - Book Week Dress Up Parade 8:45 am

Friday 26 August - Jumps/Throws Athletics Yrs 1 - 2

Friday 26 August - Confirmation Y6 - 6 pm

Wednesday 31 August - Jumps/Throws Athletics Yrs 3 - 6

Thursday 01 September - Jumps/Throws Athletics Yrs 3 - 6

Friday 02 September - Jumps/Throws Athletics Yrs 1 - 2

Friday 02 September - Fathers Day Liturgy & Breakfast

Thursday 08 September - Athletics Carnival PP - Y6

Friday 16 September - Open Morning 9 am - Prospective Parents

Friday 16 September - Grandparents & Parents Arts Show Afternoon 1:30 pm

Friday 16 September - Arts Show Exhibition - Wine & Cheese Night (Parents only)

Tuesday 20 September - Interschool Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 20 September - Parent Teacher Interviews (K, Yrs 1, 3 & 5)

Thursday 22 September - Parent Teacher Interviews (PP, Yrs 2, 4 & 6)

Friday 23 September - Pupil Free Day

(Full 2022 term dates at the end of this newsletter)


St Mary Mackillop Prayer

Lord God,

You gifted St Mary MacKillop with vision and courage.
In her we see one who was not afraid to speak fearlessly your gospel of love.
We pray tonight for the sensitivity and imagination to read the signs of our times, and to articulate new possibilities for our own day.

Like Mary, may we learn to confront all that is oppressive and unjust, and empower others towards true freedom and integrity.

May we learn from her ability to overcome the obstacles of prejudice and fear.

Help us to value the goodness of each person and all the blessings of unity in diversity.
As St Mary MacKillop is honoured in our world, may we continue to learn to share her vision.
Help us to recognise, as she did, that the poor of our time will hear the gospel in the way we serve them.

Be with us as we strive to follow her and carry out our mission of service and care.


Pupil Free Day Reminder

Friendly reminder that Monday 22 August is a pupil free day.

We look forward to welcoming students back to school on Tuesday 23 August.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Wizard of Oz Musical

There has been a buzz around the school this week as our Drama Club students completed their final rehearsals for our inaugural musical ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Directed by our Performing Arts Specialist Mrs Corinna Herbert and adapted for children’s theatre by Kathryn Schultz, this performance showcases the talents of our Drama Club students and school community. The first performance last night was outstanding. A big thank you to Mrs Herbert, our Performing Arts Captains Banjo and Guy, the amazing support crew, which includes students, staff, set/props design and construction, photography, ‘Friends of the Arts’ volunteers, coaches and costumes. Stay tuned for photos and on social media and in the next newsletter.


Year 6 parents and students recently attended a parent/student Sacramental workshop in preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Facilitated by Sr Catherine Warner PVM, this workshop focused on the Sacrament and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Next Friday, students will attend a full day Retreat and will receive the Sacrament on Friday 26 August at 6pm in the Church. Please keep these students in your prayers.

Church Repairs

On Tuesday morning there was some storm damage to the roof of the foyer at the front of the Church. The main entry to the Church will be closed until repairs have been completed. In the meantime, masses and celebrations will continue with access to the Church through the side door.

Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Congratulations to all our performing arts students. We have had some amazing results in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival to date, with individual performances in the Bible Reading, Solo Piano and Violin. The festival continues over the next few weeks with performances still to come in Choir, Sacred Choir, Drama duo and monologues, and Drama group.

Open Morning for Prospective Students

On Friday 16 September, we will have an Open Morning for prospective students and their families. One of the best ways to acknowledge and share the wonderful programs and community we have at our school, is by word of mouth. If you know any family who is looking for a good school for their child/children to attend, please ask them to contact the front office to register their interest in our Open Morning. Marketing for this event will commence next week.

ARTs Show

On the afternoon of Friday 16 September, families and friends are invited to attend our biannual ARTs show on the school grounds. Students will be showcasing their talents in Visual Arts, Drama and Music. Please save the date with more detailed information to follow.

Feast of the Assumption

On Monday 15 August, we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. The Feast of the Assumption signals the end of Mary’s earthly life and marks her return to Heaven to be with her son, Jesus. Even though Mary is in Heaven, we know she is always with us and listens to our prayers. We will hold a Mass to honour Mary’s special feast day on Monday morning at 9.00am in the Church. This mass will be led by the Year 3 students. Parents and friends are welcome to join us.

May God bless your week

Natalia Thomson


Congratulations to our Merit Award Winners

Wizard of Oz

From the Assistant Principal


Please can parents double check their children’s school uniform. The navy rain jacket is not to be work as a replacement to the maroon jumper, and can be worn on rainy days whilst outside the classroom. Ties are required with thew formal uniform during Terms Two and Three. Black leather shoes are to be worn (not black sport shoes), and may require polishing from time to time. Pre-primary students wear the school uniform each day of the week.


Thank you to parents for helping your child enter school in a timely and calm manner, ready for a full day of learning. 8:45am is our scheduled start time for the school day, and students entering after this time must be signed in by a parent at reception. 3:00pm is the scheduled finish time for Pre-primary to Year Six students (2:45pm for Kindy and Pre-Kindy) and it is important students.


We continue focussing on elements of our school vision and school values this term. Last week we looked at ‘Curiosity’ by looking at times we ask ourselves ‘why’ things look, work, behave, operate in particular ways. This week, ‘critical thinking’ is our focus which requires us to further question whether things look or sound right, and combine our previous knowledge with new knowledge being presented.


In the final week of this term, parents will be given the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss progress over the past three terms, using the Term Three Interim Report as a focus for these discussions. As with Term One’s meetings, Term Three meetings will also be held online through Microsoft Teams, and the Interim Report will be distributed prior to the meeting. In Week Seven parents will be emailed instructions on how to access the PTO website to make these bookings. If you have any questions regarding these meetings, please contact me to discuss.

Heath Nankivell

Assistant Principal

Mini Vinnies

On Monday, 3 of our St Thomas’ Mini Vinnies’ members were awarded their ‘Badge of Commitment’ as recognition of their ongoing contribution to our Mini Vinnies Club. Well done Emily (Y5), Chloe and Amelie (Y6).

Congratulations Kian!

Kian (Year 6) recently attended the National Karate Championships in Queensland. Congratulations Kian, in winning silver in the Team Kata category with your brother Cayden and a friend.

Not returning to St Thomas' Primary in 2023?

A friendly reminder that if your child is not returning to St Thomas' Primary School for the 2023 school year, then a Student Departure Form must be completed giving one full terms notice (not applicable to Y6). This means we need to receive this form by the end of this current term (Friday 23 September). This will allow for planning in staffing and also in accepting new students who have applied and are currently on waitlist.

Should notice be received after this date a full terms tuition fee penalty will apply.

The form is available from the front office or by emailing Julie:

Thank you.

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Book Week

Book Week is very soon, start getting your ideas and costumes ready.

Bookweek Dress Up Parade will be Wednesday 24 August commencing at 8:45 am. Come dressed as your favourite book character. This years theme is 'Dreaming With Eyes Open'. Don't forget to bring the book which inspired your costume. We can't wait to see where your imagination takes you.

For more information head to

Ron Wray


Advisory Council Update

The Advisory Council met virtually for their fourth meeting on Tuesday 28th June.

There was discussion around how COVID is still having an impact on the school with staff and students. The teachers and school leadership team continue to work hard to provide consistency with teachers and a high level of education and support to the students.

We discussed the school marketing plan and we are grateful to Danah Dunkeld and Saeed Heidari for offering to assist the school marketing team. Penny Mulholland will be assisting with social media initiatives whilst Nicola Ward is on leave. We also discussed the St Thomas’ Enrolment and Demographic Data Analysis Report from CEWA which will be a useful marketing tool.

Another focus of the meeting was the Quality Catholic Education School Review (QCSER) that took place at the school in June. There was considerable positive feedback from the panel conducting the review in regards to the amazing community at St Thomas’. Thank you to all the staff, students, Advisory Council members and P&F leadership team for providing input to this review. More feedback will be provided when formal feedback is given.

We briefly discussed the software trial with Microsoft to test new laptop software with year six students. A big thank you to Lila Gibbs and Heath Nankivell for their initiative in creating this opportunity, St Thomas’ being the only school in the southern hemisphere to be a part of this trial.

We also heard from all the Advisory Council Committees. Firstly, the Risk and Audit Committee regarding the presentation of the April and May Accounts. Secondly the Grounds and Maintenance Committee spoke of the commencement of the repair to the sliding doors in the hall. Spoon drains will also be installed in the lower primary space to cater for water in this space. Another item that is being planned is the development and reconfiguration of the early years play space to ensure maximum use and safety of this important area.

Trish Coniglio on behalf of the Advisory Council

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Uniform Requirements

All clothing is to be clearly marked with your child’s name. No jewellery is allowed except for sleepers or studs in the ears (one per lobe). It is our policy that all children wear hats whilst in the sun.

Sports uniforms are to be worn on days of Physical Education lessons and Sports sessions.

All uniforms are purchased online from Perm-A-Pleat School wear with the choice of collecting your order from the school reception or having it delivered to your preferred address for a flat rate of $10 inc GST. A link to Perm-A-Pleat is available on the schools website :

Hair should be neat, tidy, clean and brushed. It must be an even cut (blended and not two lengths). Hair should not be tucked behind the ears, fall over the collar, eyes or ears. If hair is falling across face or anywhere else, it is simply too long and requires cutting.

P&F News

This Term is certainly gearing up to be jam packed!

Father’s Day Fun

For Fathers Day, the P&F looks forward to opening our traditional “Father’s Day Stall” where children are able to come in to purchase a small gift for Dad or a special someone for Father’s Day. It encourages independence and we love seeing the children’s delight in purchasing something at School for their loved ones. The Stall will run before School on Monday, 29 August and Wednesday, 31 August.

On Friday, 2 September before the Father’s Day Liturgy, the P&F invites all our St Thomas children to bring in their Dad or a special loved one for “Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Croissants!” on the Sports Court from 7.30am - 9am.

We are looking forward to celebrating all our St Thomas Dads and Father Figures with these festivities.

Arts Show

A very big thank you to those Mums and Dads who have volunteered to assist with the St Thomas Arts Show. Many hands might light work so it is wonderful to have so many parents across all year groups willing to lend a hand! If you have volunteered we will shortly be in touch to allocate tasks.

During the Arts Show, a light afternoon tea will be available for a gold coin donation.

The evening of the Arts Show is one not to miss. We invite all parents and caregivers to the School Hall for a night of fine wine, fun and friendship, delicious food and of course amazing Art, as we gather for the Art Live Auction. More details to come.

We’d love your help!

We are looking for some extra parent helpers to assist with our Father’s Day festivities and the Arts Show Afternoon Tea. If you would like to sign up, please follow this link.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and sharing these occasions with you and your families.

Bianca Della Vedova

P&F President

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Sports News - Term Three

St Thomas Athletics Carnival - Thursday 8th September at UWA Sports Ground, McGillivray oval.

Information has been provided in the permission note sent out via email. All forms are due Friday 26th August.

Jumps and Throws for Years 1-6

Wednesday 31st August – Years 3-6 Jumps and/or throws depending on weather

Thursday 1st September – Years 3-6 Jumps and/or throws depending on weather, during class time

Friday 26th August and Friday 2nd September - Years 1 and 2 Jumps and/or throws depending on weather, during class time

The student points will count towards champion points and calculated together at the St Thomas Athletics carnival. Champion points are for all runs, throws and jumps, not relays or novelty games.

Please note: If your child is ill, injured, or in a representative team for the jumps and throws days, I will try to ensure they have an opportunity to complete their jumps and throws prior to the carnival.

Parents, if you know you have a planned absence, can you please inform Mrs Seaman via email

Tuesday 20th September – Interschool Athletics Carnival – HBF Athletics Stadium

Selected years 3-6 students will be representing the school.

Interschool Selection for Years 3 – 6: 100m and 200m First 5 places,

400m: First 2 places, 3rd place is reserve TBC

Circular Relay: 4 x 100m First 4 places, 5th place is reserve TBC

Long Jump: First 2 places, 3rd place is reserve TBC

Ball Throw / Turbo Javelin: First 2 places, 3rd place is reserve TBC

Training for these events will either take place before school at Rowe Park at 8am or Thursday afternoon, on the school oval.

While not compulsory, it would be wonderful if all children selected could attend the sessions for their event/s.

Training Schedule:


Running club is up and running during Term 3. Dates are as follows:

Friday 12th Aug - NO Running Club

Friday 19th Aug and, 26th Aug, 2nd Sept

Attendance is not compulsory and everyone is welcome to join in, including parents running the course.

Don’t forget your drink bottle and your asthma puffer if you need one.

Parents are the ensure they are supervising their child/children at Rowe Park until a staff member arrives. Please do not drop off and leave the child/children unattended prior to 8am.

Friday 9th & 16th September Rowe Park - Relays

Thursday 15th September Afterschool until 4pm - Throws and Jumps

If the weather is poor, I will send a cancellation email out in the morning.

Sharon Seaman

Physical Education Specialist Teacher

Dad's and Father Figure Camp Out

The St Thomas Dad's Camp Out is back!

All St Thomas dads and father figures are warmly invited to this year's Camp Out. An overnight adventure full of fun, mateship and trying new things with your kids in the great outdoors!

When: Saturday 29 October - Sunday 30 October 2022

Where: The Jarrahfall Bush Camp & Dare Adventures Team, Dwellingup

Please secure your tickets via

Self-Reporting Portal for COVID-19

It is vitally important that parents and caregivers inform the school if your child tests positive for COVID-19. Parents and caregivers can inform the school of their child’s positive or negative COVID result via this LINK.

A friendly reminder to also register your positive RAT result to the WA Health RAT Register on this LINK

Thank you

Music Lessons

Instrumental music lessons are available at St Thomas' Primary. Children can learn voice, keyboard, piano, violin, drums, guitar and flute. Please contact the school office for a music form if your child is interested.

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  • TERM 1
    • Monday 31 January - Friday 8 April
  • TERM 2
    • Tuesday 26 April – Friday 1 July
  • TERM 3
    • Tuesday 19 July – Thursday 22 September
  • TERM 4
    • Tuesday 11 October – Friday 9 December

Pupil free days:

Friday 3 June

Monday 18 July

Monday 22 August

Friday 23 September

Monday 10 October

Public Holidays

Monday 7 March (Labor Day)

Monday 25 April (ANZAC Day)

Monday 6 June (WA Day)

Extend Before and After School Care

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