Julianne Zenkus

Julie works too.. :)

My Color

My color is brown.

5 strengths that decribe me

I am schedule-oriented, detail conscious, neat and tidy, avoids causing attention, faithful and devoted.

My animal

My animal is a wolf. Some reason why it relates to me is by being athletic, tends to get the work done easily and quickly, they have social skills. some jobs they listed were law enforcement, soldier, medical field, trail layer.


I think a positive trait that i will bring to the class is going to be always willing to try, and being ready 9 out of 10 times.

Career and Hobbies

My career I would like to become is in the medical felid. I would like to got to college to get my BSN-RN. a BSN-RN is a registered nurse with its bachelors degree. I love learning about health, human body and how it function and also helping other people to get better.

My hobbies I enjoy is playing volleyball in my free time, I am a 4-H president at the Grenada clud, Hi 4-H,HOSA and here in about a month I would like to join the Siskiyou Golden Fair Junior Fair Board.

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