Shaurya's reflection

January 11, 2016

today I learned about Texas history and that Mexico was trying to take control of Texas.

January 14, 2016

What I think would make mrs.Williams proud is to make a good reflection.

January 15 ,2016

what I did today is first we read Number The Stars then we went to the gym to see the spirit rally and it was so much fun because everyone was showing there spirit and it was so loud in there but I had a good day anyways.

January 26 ,2016

What I think would make Mrs.Williams happy is when we listen.

January 27 ,2016

Today I learned about how to make a circuit out of me and the computer.

February 1 ,2016

my day today was good ,great, and amazing. We got to finish the book Number The Stars!!!!!!

February 3 ,2016

My favorite part of the day was the Geography bee because it was sooooooo much fun!!!!

February 5 ,2016

today I did was we did our hundred day party and our math asesment.

February 8 2016

today we saw a guy named James Wand.

February 11 ,2016

Today was a great day first we read the giver. I enjoyed "The Giver because the details gave me a very strong image in my head. Then we went to specials we had sooooooooo much fun!!!!! We had reading writing workshop. After that we learned about the Texas revaluation.

February 18 ,2016

The best part about today was when we did our history menu.

March 4,2016

What I think today's adjective is outstanding because today was outstanding.