"The Industrialization"

The Industrialization was a great depress for many people.

Womens hardship during the industrialization

Women had the most hardship because they had to work in factories, they didnt have the education they needed, and sometime in the factries they had to work in unsave conditions.

Reasons its was a hardship for other people

It was a hardship for mamy other people because the people sometimes were getting punished. There was a saying that if people broke the law they should severly punished and pay the consequnces. The majority were between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. They were paid two dollars a week.

How the factories workers did not get the education

Some of the people who work in the factories did not the education they needed because other thought they should go to work instead of going to school. Also, kids especially the women because they thought the girl or women can skip to the 8th grade even if she is in the 5th grade so they can go and work in factories.

Come to the natural muesem to exprience the industrialization.

How the transportation improves

Back then people used to always ride in wooden boats and wagons. Now people ride in the industrialization in steam boats and trains. They also, had to ride on horeses and donkeys before the industrialization.