Bubble Rap Cereal

By: Kendra, Karissa, & Savannah

Bubble Rap; add a little *pop* to your cereal

The fruity cereal that has a bubble full of music and when you bite the bubble it plays your favorite song!!

Mascot; Bubble Buddy

Bubble Buddy is the creator of the cereal. Inspired by his love for music, he made a Trix like cereal that has a fruity bubble that plays music inside. It's even better than the fruity cereals your used to eat like Trix and Fruity Pebbles.

Information on the cereal

Are you a kid that loves music? Bubble Rap is only $6.00 per box! There's nothing like it at all. It comes in every song of your choice, in the colors purple, blue, & green. Forget Chex or Cheerios, Bubble Rap is the best cereal ever. You can either buy it at Festival and Woodmans. You're breakfast will never be boring again.

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