SSR Project

Zamara Geisinger

Woof by Spencer Quinn

This is a mystery/ suspense book. This book is about a girl that got a dog on her birthday and named him Browser. The girl's name is Birdie, and she lives with her grandma. Birdie and Browser get along really good, and Broweser saves Birdie when she is kidnapped. Birdie's grandma owns a bait shop, and in her bait shop there is this big fish that her grandpa caught a long time ago. Everyone in the town admires it and thinks highly of it. One day someone steals that fish, and Birdie and Browser go out in the middle of the night to find who stole it. They find out who stole it and that is when Birdie gets kidnapped. Browser goes and saves her and they both get away unharmed. Later that week Browser finds the head of the fish in the river. They never found the rest of the fish. Birdie and Browser go on more adventures together in their other books that I have not read yet. I would rate this book a 4 or 4 1/2. I likes this book because Birdie and Browser had each other's back. I also liked how Browser understood Birdie so well, and how this story was told on how a dog saw the world and people.
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The Haunting of Sunshibe Girl by Paige Mckenzie

This is a horror type book that is fiction. It's about this girl that is named Sunshine and ahw has just moved to a new state with her mom. When she is at her new school and home strange things start to happen to her. Her mom is usually nice to Sunshine and always makes dinner. Suddenly her mom changes. Her mom begins to get very mean, never eats, never sleeps, never talks to Sunshine, or asks her how her day was like usual. One night her mom was on the couch and Sunshine was in a chair watching TV. Sunshibe hears the bathtub turn on and there is a little girl screaming help. There is water running down the straits from under the bathroom door. When Sunshibe gets up there the door is locked and the little girl is no longer screaming. Then, all of a sudden the door opens and there is no water in the tub, no little girl, but there is marks of blood on the wall and the tub. Her mom thought that Sunshine was crazy and told her that it was just rusts, but that did not explain why the stairs and floor was all wet. Sunshine goes on a crazy hunt trying to figure out what is happening to her. I rate this book a 4. I liked hot Sunshine is willing to find out what is happening to her and her mom.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen.

Saint Anything is non-fiction. What this book is about could happen to anyone. Saint Anything is one of my favorite books. It's about this girl named Sydeny and her older brother Peyton. Her older brother Peyton is having a pretty hard time. He used to follow the rules and everything, now all he does is break them and he tries to get into trouble. One night he took things a little to far. He left his house at about 1 in the morning in his car when he was supposed to be staying home since he has a curfew. He was drinking when he left. He was not watching the road and he hit this guy. Peyton paralyzed him and he was never to walk again. Sydney is the only one who is really taking responsibility for what Peyton did, since her mom and dad are not. They are saying that it is not his fault for some odd reason. So Sydney decides to go to a difdert school to have a change. She thought that maybe the people there will not think that she is a bad person like her brother. At her new school she meets some new people and they become good friends. They help her out through this hard part of her life. They take her in as part of their own little family. This is really a good book, and something that could actually happen during someone's life time. I would rate this book a 5. It explains what good friends are and what they are willing to do for you.
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Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn

Down with Shine is a mystery/supernatural book. It's about this girl named Lennie that lives with her three uncles and her mom. For a job her three uncles sell moonshine. Before they make the deal with their costumer they all have to take a sip of moonshine straight from the jar. Her three uncles have their client make a wish, then they repeat the wish back to them and chant, may all your wishes come true, or at least just this one. Lennie never thought anything of this, she just thought it was some kind of stupid little tradition that they had. Lennie was not the most popular girl in school. Her best friend had just been murdered, and her best friends twin brother keeps saying that she should be dead instead of his sister. So, Lennie does something they have both always wanted to do. She goes to the most popular party and she takes moonshine with her. She grants everyone at the party one wish and one wish only. She evens makes a wish. She wishes that her best friend Dyl was not dead and home safe. Turns out that after a few hours all the wishes started to come true. So Lennie and Dylan's twin brother try to figure out how to undo all of this, with the help of her three uncles. I rate this book a 5. I liked basis log everything about this book.
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Matches by Allie Condie

This is a fiction book. It is about a tightly controlled society where you are matched at the age of 17 with your life long partner. The main characters are Cassia and Xander. Casssis and Xander are best friends and it just so happens that they get matched with each other. When Cassia is viewing Xander micro card that says stuff about him, she sees a different face flash on then right back off of the screen. She recognized that face as one of her old friends Ky. Ky is an aberration which means he is never to be matched with anyone. Cassie starts to question the society and why Xander's face did not show up right away. When Ky comes back to live in the same society as her, they get drawn closer to each other. Cassie has a big decision to make to choose Ky or Xander. If she chooses Ky she will be breaking society rules, and chooses who own life which is not how things work. Cassie loves Ky and Xander equally. Now it is up to her to choose which who she loves more.

My reading experience

While reading this year I have learned what kind of book I really like. Last year I just read whatever books there were to read. I didn't have a certain genre that I liked. I learned that I like fiction books. Non-fiction books to me are sometimes kind of boring. I visualize a lot while I am reading. Doing this it helps me better understand the book I am reading.

I ask myself a lot of question while I am reading. If I did not undershot part of the book, I go back a reread it. If I ask myself questions while I read, it gets me thinking more about the possible answers and what else could happen in the book. When I get done with a chapter I stop and predict what might happen sometimes.

I think that I comprehend my books really good. I usually understand everything that's going on. If I am not intersested in a book, it is hard for me to follow along with what I am reading. This is alone I have learned a lot about what I like to read. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep track of all the different characters, so I have to go back and refresh my memory.

Write to Learn

I'm writing this letter to you so then maybe we can encounter kids to read more instead of playing their video games. Reading is really good for you. A lot of kids these days don't read that much. Some ways to get them to read is to force them to. You could also just say that reading is another way to find out who you really are as a person. The more you read the more, you might find out about what you like. You could make reading fun, or you could have kids read in groups. Reading in groups is a great way to practice your read aloud skills.

A way to make reading fun is for every book a student reads and finishes; they get something. It doesn't have to be anything big, just something little like some candy, or some pencils. Kids run out of pencils really fast. You don't even have to give them anything; all you would have to say is that the book that you finish counts as a grade in the grade book. Reading a book could maybe even Clint as extra credit for something.

As a teacher, you should also let students pick their own books to read. That is part of what makes reading fun. If you always assign a book for students to read, they don't always like it and can't get into the book. Letting them choose their books and a way for them to explore what they like, and so they kind of have an idea of what kind of books they like. Ya, it is ok for you to have a read aloud book to read to the whole class. Let your students pick, so they can explore everything that is out there and all of the options that they have.

What I like about reading is that every book is its own adventure. You can learn new things from every book that you read. I also like the feeling about getting so wrapped up in a book, that you forget what time it is, and that you can visualize the book so well that it almost seems real. I like to read mystery books. My favorite mystery book is Down with the Shine. It was a very good book, even though none of the stuff that was in that book could never really happen. Sometimes when your reading you just forget about that, and before you know it you are already almost done with that book.

I prefer not to read about real life events. That does not get you imagination going. Real life books to me are kind of boring. I like books that have adventure and could never really be real, but you let yourself think that just for fun. Sometimes, I even read about ghost mystery books, where people think that humans are really doing this stuff, but it is actually just a ghost. I guess you could say that I like horror mystery books. I am not Goth or anything. Just because you like something should not determine who you are. I could like books like that and still like riding my four-wheeler, and shooting my bow. Read what makes you happy. Don't let a book determine who you are.

I have tried yo get people to read the books I like. It sometimes works, and it sometimes doesn't. Not everyone is going to like the same stuff as you, and that is ok. Sometimes, it is good not to be the same as everyone else. Sometimes, it's good to be different and read the stuff that you like. So what if people don't like what you read, you like it and that's all that really matters. You might not like the books that other people reading, and you don't have to read them; it is you choice of what kind of books you read.