The industrial revolution

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what was going on

This was the time that machines took place of hand work. plus kids worked in factories for long hours with very little pay, and with dangerous machinery. Kids wore dirty clothes with no shoes,and if you were a girl yo would have to have your hair pulled back.

The Assembly line

The assembly line

The assembly line was created by Henry ford. It is used for manufacturing products faster than building it by hand. It also was a major invention of the industrial revolution.

Child labor

Child labor was when children worked in factories for long hours with very little pay. The children wore dirty clothes, and no shoes. Plus they worked with unsteady machinery.
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What has come out of the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution has done some good to our community today by letting us use machinery,and we have added some safety to all of the machines so people don't get hurt while on the job. Last but not least children do not work in factories anymore.