Spring & Katy Circles Update


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This is the future!

Think of the impact and the good it will do now, to the next generation, Texas and the World!

"Everything that you do good for Love has eternal mark to it, anything else pass away."

So, let's think of our help and donation that has mark of eternity to it. Let's be counted!

Texas Expansion

The healthy development of society requires men and women of great virtue and solid professional competence who by their work, words and example, will foster an environment of faith and solidarity where families and individuals can flourish.

Cooperator Circles

There are Spring & Katy Cooperator Circles in the west side area of Houston. These are attended by young & still young men who are dads, grandpa, and singles from different facets of professional field. They found that Christian formation is an essential part of their life to make them better dads, spouses, friends and professionals in this world.

They are - Passionately Loving the World!

So, invite your friends and share with them the benefits of this great Christian formation.


We had great circle last Saturday, Jan 16, 2016. The talk was about Cheerfulness, a great virtue to start the New Year. The cooperators & friends who attended this last week circle were Tom & Mike Frelk, Bob Ruhnke and Brandon Spiller.

Many thanks to Tom Frelk family for sharing their home with us.

The Spring Circle is held every third Saturday of the month at 8:00 in the morning.


Katy Circle was held last Jan. 23, 2016 at 8:00 in the morning at Jose Vera's home. The talk was also about Cheerfulness.

Thanks to Jose Vera and Mat Podskarbi for sharing us their homes for the circle.

We welcome Craig Ortega & Frank Muscal to our cooperator circle!

The Katy Circle is held every fourth Saturday of the month at 8:00 in the morning.

Listed below is the link about Cheerfulness.

What's up in Katy?

There are many fun and formative activities for young men, women, boys, girls and the whole family! These are great resources for developing and helping happy Christian families!

  • Katy Boys Club (KBC)
  • *Katy Girls Club (KGC)
  • *Leaders of Today (LoT)
  • *Women's Workshops
  • Men's Doctrine Class (Spanish & English)
  • Couples Get together (Spanish)
  • Cooperators Circles
  • *Annual Family Picnic
  • Book Clubs (in the works)

*Westrose TIA activities

For inquiries:

Westrose TIA email: Info@WestroseTIA.org

Katy Girls Club: KGC@WestroseTIA.org

Leaders of Today: LoT@WestroseTIA.org

Women's Workshop: WWS@WestroseTIA.org

Katy Boys Club email: katyboysclub@gmail.com

Men's Activities email: TexanCooperators@gmail.com

Westrose - Teach, Inspire, Advance!

Westrose TIA, is a nonprofit organization focusing to Inspire and educate women of all ages through formation, leadership and spirit of service.

There are ongoing formations for young girls, girls and women right now. Join us!

"As a father or as a mother, you need to form your children into a well rounded individual, that's happy, cheerful, professional and a great son or daughter."

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Westrose, TIA

Westrose TIA, is a nonprofit organization focusing to Inspire and educate women of all ages through formation, leadership and spirit of service.

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Westrose, TIA sponsored Workshop

Self Mastery and Financial Decision, Workshop for Couples

Saturday, April 23rd, 10am-12pm

21600 Cimarron Parkway

Katy, TX

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