Elementary Technology Newsletter

March 2015

Testing Time

I know we are now in the midst of testing season. You all have been working so hard all year long. Just take a deep breath and let them do what you have taught them!

Google Forms

If you are not using Google Forms yet, I suggest you take a look at them. You can use them in the classroom to create quizzes for your students that you can use an add-on to automatically grade (easiest if it is multiple choice). You can use them to help yourself stay organized, like with the communication log below (email me if you want me to send a copy of that log to you). You could use it to track data on a student. You can use it to gather information from parents. You can use it to gather information with your students for probability and graphing. I have attached a few samples below. Some of them I found in the free template gallery that Google offers.

Interactive Sticky Notes

There are two great websites for a sticky note board. I like Lino (linoit.com) to keep up with things personally. However, I think Padlet (padlet.com) is easier to use when you are working with others and sharing the link. Think about any time that you make lists with students on chart paper or on the board. With either of these programs you can save what you have and come back to it later, even from home if you wish.

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