Dog sledding/ Sleds

By: Amelia R and Madelyn S

What Is Dog sledding?

Dog sledding is a race practiced in more than 100 countries.

There are many kinds of Dog sledding, like Cross country- Skier uses more than one dog , Traditional - Sometimes have brakes on their sleds, and Modern sleds are made of strong wood or birch. Modern sleds also include aluminum and plastic parts.


Sleds of the Past:

In the old days they used animal hides, bones and sometimes ivory runners. Back then, dog sleds were used for transportation, hunting, And delivering mail. In the past they used basket sleds which descended from the wood sled. Delivered mail to settlements in Alaska and Canada. For the handle on the sled they used to use leather and rawhide's.

Ski Joring- Sleds of the future

Fast growing sport in the USA. Ski joring is a lot like water skiing except with your dogs. When ski joring you dont use a whole pack of dogs you use 1 or 2. Your sled is required to a bungee jumping cord and a quick release snap, which saves you from tree collisions.Ski joring is a competitive sport in Alaska since the 1980s. Cost little as $50.


Iditorad event

Saturday, March 4th 2017 at 10pm

Fourth avenue at D street.

If you like prizes, if you like dog sledding, Try Iditorad the last race on Earth.


If you want to compete in dog sledding you should join Iditorad. You can create your own sleds, travel around, and look at beautiful nature. But you should have your sled carry 300 to 900 pounds of supplies and food. You must have 12-16 dogs. You and your dogs should get plenty of rest. Have fun!
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