Theme's For To Kill A Mockingbird

By Jenna Stone

Growing Up

As Scout and Jem grew older they began to have different ideas about like. Jem began to mature and throughout the book you noticed that Calpurnia began to call him Sir and Mr. He began to play less and less with Scout and took things more seriously.


Throughout the book and during the trial he payed more attention to what the adults were saying and that you need to respect your elders like Mrs. Dubose, who said that Atticus was an awful person for helping Tom. Even though she said that Jem knew that he needed to respect her.


Throughout the book Scout and Jem show more courage. They think Boo Radley is a bad person and they were afraid of him but in the end of the book they think of him as a friend. Mrs. Dubose showed courage while she was fighting against her morphine addiction. Atticus showed courage during the trail, while people were making fun of him for helping Tom.


Racism, it takes place in most of book. Atticus is not very prejudice in the book and thinks no matter what color you are, everyone is the same. Scout and Jem think of Boo as a scary monster in the beginning of the book and at the end they think of him as a friend.

Tom Robinson

The people in Maycomb are prejudice against Tom and they treat him differently because he is black. Racism is probably the most prejudice thing in the book