Jamestown/John Smith

The Rough and Hard Years By Tim Fair


On the morning of December 20, 1607, three ships carrying both men and women, along with captain John Smith, wanted to start a new life in a new place. The english settlers did not try to survive until one man by the name of John Smith took over. The indians liked the English until the indians were tired of giving them food. John Smith was the man that saved the Jamestown settlement. The English' new life was great.


The Jamestown settlement went through many hardships. The Jamestown settlers did not have enough food. They didn't even try to grow food. They were so selfish they looked for gold to sell. At first the settlers didn't know what to do for work, but they soon discovered that tobacco grew rapidly. They sold it for money so it could meet many of their needs like food and clothes. Jamestown had a large fort to protect them from the indians. Their houses were very simple, and were located inside the fort to protect them from indian attacks. The colony would survive.

The Indians

The Jamestown settlers got along with the indians until Jamestown stole from the indians. Then things took a turn for the worse. The Jamestown settlers relied on the indians to give them food. Then the indians decided not to give them food. The Powhatan indians lived very close to Jamestown. That made it very easy to attack the Jamestown colony. Many Powhatan Indians lived in Longhouses called "Yehakins." Most men hunted with spears and traps. Women and children worked in the fields planting seeds and weeding. Up until the Jamestown settlers came, life was very simple but satisfactory.

John Smith

John Smith had a very exciting life. John Smith was born in January of 1580. His dad died when he was 16 years old. But that didn't stop him from being very adventurous. John Smith told the settlers to grow food and they listened. After he told the settlers to grow food he was burned by gunpowder and had to leave Jamestown. He never came back to Jamestown, Virginia again. John Smith was a great man.


The Jamestown colony was the first colony to succeed. The Jamestown settlement survived through all the hardships they encountered along the way. The indians did not like the Jamestown settlers because they stole food away from them. John Smith wanted to do the best for the colony of Jamestown. Through all these things from when they landed to when John Smith got burned by gunpowder, this colony survived the impossible.