My Culture Project

By : Karen Gutierrez

Communication Patterns

Our family has many ways of communicating. Some of our ways are just looking at an empty cup, indicating we want more water. When it is dinner time, my mum will simply shout our names. After about 15-30 sec. we tuble down the stairs. If my mum is trying to remind us that we have to take a shower, then she will ask," What time is it?" The languages we speek are English and Spanish. So technically we have weird ways, but we all do.
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Diet and food Preperation

Mmm.... my favorite subject! The cook in our humble of joy is my mom. But lets talk about what I do. Ya, you guessed it. I eat the food! My mom makes amazing dishes like Rice, Mexican dishes, soup, spaghetti, and the best if all, made up dishes. We also go out to eat, to places like McDonald's and Olive garden. My dad is from Guatemala, so sometimes we like to go eat to places with food from Guatemala.
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My family has 4 members. My dad(David), my mom (Teresa), my sister(Brianna), and the best of all (Me!). The head leader in my family is my Mom. I am responsible for my homework, making sure my sister doesn't need help with her homework, my chores, and cleaning my room.
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Traditions and Customs

Usually our family has 2 vacations a year. One summer vacation to a beach in Florida or Texas. Our second trip will be for Christmas. We usually go to Virginia or New Mexico.This means alot to us because it is our only time of year we can be together and relaxed.
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Well almost every weekend we will go out bowling, Six Flags,swimming, shopping, to eat, movies, or anywhere entertaining. This is important because it is the time of week that we can talk and bond with each other.

View of time

We don't really have a schedule but we have more of a ti do list. I wake up around 5:45-6:00. We think that we should use time wisely for productive things. When it comes to timing...we aren't the best, but we aren't the worst. We usually try to be about 10min. early but we are usually 10min. late.

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