How to use Socrative

By: Abby Esparza, Martha Diaz, Alexis Fargoso

What does Socrative do for Students?

It lets the teacher see the responses of students answers. Also if the student is shy and doesn't want to share the response with the teacher they may do it anonymous. Also the good thing about this app is a student doesn't log into a random classroom they must need a class code to log in into the classroom that they are required to be in.

Three examples how socrative can be used in my current courses

When the class wants to have a discussion you can use socrative to state your opinions. Also you can us socrative in class so your teachers can see what you know before starting a new unit. You can also take tests on socrative and it records your answer.

Pros and cons to socrative

Pros- No limit to how many student can access the classroom.

Pros- Helps you with the options to answer the question given.

Cons- Once you are in Socrative and leave the class you can still log into the class and post random stuff.

Cons- When the app asks you for your name you may put what ever name you would like.

Why are you going to continue using this app?

I am going to continue using this app because it's very helpful for students. Instead of using paper or pencil they can just log into the class and record their answers. Also it's a good way to test students before the unit they are going to start. Also the best thing about this app is not only it's an app but also its a website. It helps teachers see the answers on a test for a student and it labels them in ABC order.