Child Labor

was abuse to children

children forced to work in factories, coal mines, and cotton mills

  • Children as young as the ages of 7 or 8 were forced to work in factories, coal mines, and cotton mills. Children that worked in the factories had a very dangerous job. They were forced to crawl under machinery to fix them, worked on machines for long hours, and most of the time they were unable to see because of the dust.
  • In the coal mines children were forced to open and close vents, push out carts full of coal, and work in extreme heat.
  • Cotton mills had the children changing bobbins on the frames of spinning machines. This was a very laborious job and they did not have time to take breaks for food and water.


  • "The factory act" this act as passed in the early 1800's and stated that all factories had a 10 hour work day. Factories also could only hire children that were above the age of 8 or 9.
  • These laws were not enforced very well and child labor was still a problem.