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Dear ESS Families,

We all made it through the first week! The first thing we want to say is that the kids were AMAZING!!!! This was a tough way to start, but they all followed our directions, and kept their masks on throughout the day. We couldn't be prouder of them, and it definitely lifted our spirits.

We know there were some bumps in the road as predicted, but the Enfield Street School community pulled together, just as it always does. We are continuing to work on tech issues, and look for your continued patience. We also know this format isn't perfect, and appreciate your feedback as we will work to improve over the coming weeks.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mark Lord - Principal

Bethany Calado - Assistant Principal


Please make sure to communicate to the main office if your child is quarantining at home if a household member had tested positive for the corona virus. In this situation, the nurse will reach out to you with a timeline for reentry.

School Pictures

We are currently working on finalizing the days for class pictures. We will have options for both our hybrid learners, and our full remote learners. The photographers will be following strict safety protocols to make sure this is a safe experience for the kids.

Arrival Procedures

Thank you so much for your help following our procedures during our arrival and dismissal process. We have been able to dismiss the kids while following distancing protocols in a timely and organized manner. During arrival, please note the students dropped off from a vehicle will enter Door 3. Children walking with their parents, even if parking and walking in, should use the main entrance. We have done this to minimize the number of students using any one door, and allowing for plenty of time to use hand sanitizer when entering the building.

Math Books

Math books will be sent home so students can use them during remote learning. The books should remain at home. Cohort B was able to bring their books home this week, Cohort A will be bringing them home Monday. This decision was made simply because it is easier for us to make copies at school then for you to try and print copies at home.


Please make sure your child's iPad is charged before it is brought back to school during your hybrid in-person days. The device must be the EPS distributed iPad. If you still have not received your child's iPad, please contact the school to set up a time for pickup.

Remote Learning Protocols

To maintain our building bandwidth capabilities, all remote learners should start the live meeting with audio and video off. The classroom teacher will direct the class when to turn on their audio and video.


Please make sure your child knows the difference between the inside and outside of their mask, as well as how to wear it correctly. Children will be putting their own mask on after mask breaks, and we want to make sure they are put on correctly.

Absent teacher

If a teacher is out for the day, remote learning students will not have live sessions, but will have posted assignments and activities for the day. If the absence persists, we will work to resume live lessons as soon as possible.

Community Support Opportunities

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KITE Parent Webinar : How Do Families Support the 1st 100 Days of School | Tues Sept 15th 6:30PM

For Parents PreK – g2 with Peg Oliveira, PhD

The next school year will bring with it the relief of the return to routine and all the usual nervous energy of a new school year, compounded by the trepidation of our new post Covid-19 reality. Children, more than ever, will need our guidance and assurance that school is a place where people care about them and are there to help. Identifying the values, practices and priorities we wish to hold sacred simplifies the path. In this workshop we will discuss how to support children in those early days of their new school reality.



Peg Oliveira, PhD Executive Director

Yale's GESELL Institute of Early Learning

Dr. Peg Oliveira is a child development expert and an activist. Since receiving her doctorate in developmental psychology from Brandeis University, Dr. Oliveira has advocated for fair pay for early childhood educators, child care assistance for working parents and equitable access to high quality education.

Grandparent Support Group

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Support Group

Are you a grandparent or relative responsible for raising your grandchild or the child of a relative? If so, you are not alone. There are 2.4 million grandparent-headed households in the United States and this number continues to grow.

The Enfield Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group was created for grandparents that can benefit from support and resources while they face the joys and challenges of raising their grandchildren

*WHERE: Stowe Early Learning Center 117 Post Office Rd, Enfield

*TIME: Evenings

*WHEN: Mondays in 2020-2021

Per the pandemic we are holding the meetings face-to-face when possible outdoors however, this is not always possible, so some weeks the meetings are held virtually via. zoom. If you are interested in joining please call or e-mail me at the e-mail address below, so you can be added to the e-mail distribution list and know when meetings are occurring and details about when/where.

To register or for more information, please contact

Heather Benyak, Family Resource Center Social Worker 860-253-5214

Circle of Security

Are you struggling with knowing what your child is really asking from you?

Join us to learn how to support and strengthen your parent-child relationship.

Circle of Security Parenting will help you:

• Understand your child’s emotional needs

• Support your child to manage their emotions

• Enhance the development of your child's self esteem

• Strengthen your attachment with your child

This 8-session virtual series is geared towards children

ages 4 months-six years. Sessions are offered at a variety of times to meet the needs of families.

Please contact Erin Grimes, Family Resource Center Parent Educator,

at 860-253-6580 or to get more information or be put on a list for an upcoming session.

Parent Support Group

Town of Enfield

Department of Social Services

The Parent Support Group is facilitated by Social Workers Heather Benyak, LMSW from The Family Resource Center and Joanna Fornwalt, LCSW from Enfield Youth & Family Services.

The group was created in order to support all parents and caregivers with everyday challenges they may be facing during these uncertain and demanding times. In this group, parents are encouraged to share and discuss their experiences and also receive positive feedback from their peers in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The group can also provide you with additional supports and resources depending on individualized needs and circumstances.

WHERE: Virtually through ZOOM

WHEN: Mondays at 7:00 p.m. OR

Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.

We invite you to register for this group by calling us at

(860)253-5214 or by emailing Heather Benyak at

You are also welcomed to make an appointment to meet with us individually.

Family Resource Centers:

Henry Barnard School

27 Shaker Road

Enfield, CT. 06082

(860) 253-4721

Stowe Early Learning Center

117 Post Office Road

Enfield, CT. 06082


Breakfast and Lunch


Modified Hybrid/In School


Elementary breakfast and lunch will be served to the student in the classroom. Because all meals need to be prepared and wrapped and delivered to classrooms in a very short amount of time, we will only be offering one lunch meal choice to start. Once we assess the needs and develop the process of classroom meal delivery, we look to offer more choices in a few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.



Wrapped tray contains all 4 components: Protein, Grain, Vegetable, Fruit

Choice of Milk is served separately.

· Turkey & American Cheese Sandwich on a Bun

(Cheese Sandwich available for those who do not want Turkey)

· Crunchy Raw Vegetable of the Day

(For example: baby carrots or cucumber slices)

· Fruit of the day

(for example: apple slices or peach cup)

· Milk - choice of white or chocolate.

LUNCH PRICE = $1.75 Paid status, $.40 Reduced status, $0 for Free Status




Breakfast Bag consists of: Cereal, Fruit Punch 100% Juice, Graham Crackers

Choice of Milk is served separately: White or Chocolate

Additional fruit choice is available, changes daily.

Cereal in bag:

· Monday & Thursday: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

· Tuesday & Friday: Honey Nut Cheerios

Unfortunately, bags are made up before students arrive so, there is no choice available.

BREAKFAST PRICE = $1.00 Paid status, $.25 Reduced status, $0 for Free Status


ONLINE PAYMENTS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, however, if you must send cash or check, we will take payments brought to school if they are in a sealed envelope marked with the students first and last name, homeroom and what the money should be used for ( lunch, milk breakfast...) NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN BACK; THE FULL AMOUNT YOU SEND IN WILL BE APPLIED TO THE STUDENTS ACCOUNT.


Meal Pick Up for Remote & Virtual Learners ONLY

Registered Enfield Public Schools students learning while at home can obtain meals

from the school district. It will not be like it was in the spring, as all meals must

be assigned to a student ID who is registered in the Enfield Public School District.

Meals will be charged at the current student meal status rate.

Meal orders must be placed by 2pm the day before you pick up your meals.

What you need to know:

· Pre ordered meals can be picked up at Enfield High School on Monday and Wednesday between 8:30 am – 9:30 am. All student meals for all schools will be picked up at Enfield High School near the auditorium entrance (there will be signage), not the school they normally attend.

· Parent or Guardian must preorder the meals and provide the student ID#, First and Last name as listed when registered, for each registered Enfield Public School student in Grades PK-12. Per NSMP (National School Meal Program) regulations, only a parent or guardian can pick up meals for students.


Email (preferred) or you can call 860-253-6511 (if you do not have email) by 2pm on Friday for Monday pick up to receive meals for Monday and Tuesday. Order by 2pm Tuesday to pick up meals for any one or all these days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. You can order and pick up meals for any day a student is remote learning but remember you can only get one breakfast and one lunch per registered student per day.

· WHAT TYPE OF MEALS ARE AVAILABLE: All meals will consist of cold and/or shelf stable items and will meet the NSMP grade level of serving sizes and components.

Important Points to Remember

· Only registered Enfield Public School students who are not physically in school can order meals to be picked up. Students who are in school have meals at the school they are attending. All meals, either picked up for remote/virtual learners or those received while learning at school, are rung into our Point of Sale system at the students approved status price.

· Students can only receive one breakfast and one lunch a day. If meals are picked up and then student receives a meal at school for the same day, the student will be charged full price for the second meal regardless of status. Federal program requirements allow for only one breakfast and one lunch a day at the students approved status.

Questions? Contact Nutrition Services at 860-253-6511.

Early Dismissal

If you need to pick up your child early for an appointment, please email your child's teacher and the office( After verifying identification at the office window, a staff member will bring your child to the main entrance for dismissal.


Healthy snacks should still be brought to school. Teachers will be weaving them into mask breaks and morning recess to allow student space to have their mask off and eat.


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iPads Waivers

If you plan on adding the waiver fee with the application, please attach a check or envelope with cash with students name attached to the form. Checks are preferred.
Below you will find important links to use after receiving your iPad.