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  • They have thanksgiving on the second Monday in October
  • how they celebrate Canada is the same way we do in the United States
  • They have Canada day it is on July 1st
  • how they celebrate Canada day is they do parades , picnics and fireworks

Art,music and dance (entertainment)

  • sports are famous like lacrosse, hockey and Canadian football
  • in the 2000s opera was famous
  • some popular musicians were......
  • Celin Dion
  • Ann Munray
  • k.d
  • are known all over the world


some of the religions are.........

16 percent doesn't have any religion

1.9 percent are Muslim

11.8 percent are other religions

42.6 percent is Roman Catholic

23.3 percent are protestant

4.4 percent are other Christian


  • Their official languages are French and English
  • both languages have the same rights and equality


They eat seafood like.......

  • fish
  • crab
  • starfish

Famous People

  • William Lyon McKenzie, a political leader and writer
  • Jaques Carter was another famous person he helped make some of Canada


  • Native Americans make things out of animal skin and sell them


  • The flag has a maple leaf on a white space in the middle each side of it has an up and down red line
  • A historian named George F.G Stanley had the idea for the flag, he said it would be red and white and one maple leaf in the middle.


  • In winter it is really cold its below freezing
  • Summer is cool it is not really hot it has a breeze


  • Niagara falls is one famous land mark
  • There also is Victoria falls ( a lot of people go there)
  • They give free rides in helicopters so people can see the Niagra falls

Intresting info

  • Canada is the second largest country
  • Ottawa is the capital of Canada
  • The upper part of Canada was a British colany
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