Island of the Blue Dolphins

By: Shielyn Nippers

Scott O'Dell

Scott O'Dell is the author of my book. He is "one of the most respected authors of historical fiction". He has written multiple children's books, and received many awards. He was born May 23, 1898 in Los Angeles, California.
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Historical Fiction

Island of the Blue Dolphins is Historical Fiction. It takes us back to Ghalas-at where a colony of indians live.
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Forgiveness and Trust

In the book, many things happen. In the beginning, the Aleuts come and ask if they can hunt for the otters that swim near-by and stay on their island. They say that they will pay the people of Ghalas-at, and give them half of their catch. The Chief says they can, but in the end the Aleuts cheat them out of their fair share, and a fight breaks out. Many men are killed including the chief. The people do not trust them.
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Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist of the story is Karana. She is the one who is left on the island, and the one who works on building a new home and protecting herself from the wild wolves.

The Antagonist is the Aleuts. They come to the island and cheat the people of Ghalas-at out of their share.

Character Analysis

Karana is Brave, smart, and caring. She is brave because she goes to where the elephant seals live, and tries to kill a bull for his tusks, she catches the devilfish, and she fights the pack of wolves that killed her brother Ramo. (pg. 60) She is smart because she made a house, she made weapons she had never made before, and she found a way to try and lure the wolves out of their cave. (pg.73) Lastly, Karana is caring. She takes care of her brother in the beginning until he gets killed, she takes care of multiple animals, and she makes a necklace for her Aleut friend. (pgs. 41-45)


Karana is the main character in the story. She becomes very strong throughout the story. She jumps out of the white men's ship to stay with her left behind brother on the island." At that moment I walked across the deck and, though many hands tried to hold me back, flung myself into the sea." After her brother dies she starts to find a new home, and makes weapons to kill every last one of the wolves, for killing her brother. Although she is scared she still does many things to stay alive.
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The Island

The setting of the story is Ghalas-at Island, where the colony lives. It also looks like a dolphin. the indians ancestors came to live on that island so it was important to them, but after the Aleuts came, they had to leave.


There are many conflicts throughout the book. Some include; The wild dogs trying to hurt Karana, stealing her food and tearing her house down. The storms, and the lack of wood on the island. The Aleuts, and the devilfish.
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This Book Is Amazing!

This book is one of the best books I have read in my entire life. I would recommend this book to every person I meet. I have read this book over and over ever since fifth grade. I love it! I like how it is a girl my age, and I like how strong she gets.
Island of the Blue Dolphins