Wild About Wixie!

"Wixi-fy" your instruction

Sharing with your School & Beyond

So you just made a fabulous project in Wixie and you want to share it with other teachers in your school and beyond your school walls with both HCPSS or the World! Here's how!

Sharing in your School

First, check with your Wixie Administrator (usually your Technology Teacher) to make sure that you are a Publisher. Once you are publisher you have the rights to add files to your school's folder.

From the Home Screen, click Project Manager.
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On the left you will see your folders. On the right you will see your projects. Find the project on the right that you want to share with your school. You may have to double click your folders to find the project you are looking for.

Drag the preview icon for the file on the right and drop it on the folder for your school on the left.
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Check your school folder to make sure that your projects have been moved. Click the name of the folder and you will see its contents on the right.
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See something that you like that was shared by someone else, click or hover over the file and click duplicate to add a copy to your My Projects folder. Now you own a copy of the file and you can edit it, assign it to students, etc.
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Sharing Beyond your School

So you have made a great project in Wixie and you know you want to share it with other Wixie users that aren't in your immediate school. Start by clicking Send with your project open and choosing Export File.
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This will create a .wix file of the project in the location of your choice on your computer.
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From here you can email this file to anyone or even post it to the Trading Post online.

How do I import one of these files if I receive one?
Click here to learn about Importing Wixie projects and even Pixie files.

Share the Love!

So share your love of Wixie with your school, your county friends, and beyond!