By: Kristen Prejean

The Demon King

The Demon King written by Cinda Williams Chima is one of my all time favorite books. There is action, adventure, heroes, villains, and magic. The book takes you on an adventure from two very distinct point of views, one being a retired thief named Han Alister the other from a princess heir named Raisa ana'Marianna. You start off the book following Han Alister's pain filled past, then swap to Raisa fortune filled life, where you learn about how there are wizards who want nothing more than to take the throne away from her. Over all the plot of this book keeps you guessing till the very end and wanting more once it does.


Quotes/lesson learned

  • “A vocation is not something you slap on, like a coat of paint, and change whenever you want. A vocation is built into you. You have no choice. If you try to do something else, you fail.”

  • “Raisa felt relieved, yet oddly disappointed. She was the blooded princess heir, yet in servants' clothes she was apparently unrecognizable. In the stories, rulers had a natural presence about them that identified them as such, even dressed in rags.
What's the nature of royalty, she wondered. Is it like a gown you put on that disappears when you take it off? Does anyone look beyond the finery? Could anyone in the queendom take her place, given the right accessories? If so, it was contrary to everything she'd ever been taught about bloodlines.”

  • “She went in to rescue — why would she do that?” Amon gripped the ironwork, studying the streetlord’s face. Was he lying? And if so, what was the purpose?
“Guess she’s kind of taken with us,” Cuffs said. “You know, the glamor of the gang life and all. Getting beat up every other day, arrested for crimes you didn’t commit, long nights in gaol, sleeping in the cold and wet. It’s...seductive.”
The Demon King Book Trailer