Grade 5 Newsletter

November 2014

Language Arts

In Reading, we will be learning how to make text-to-text connections, text-to-self connections and text-to-world connections. Making connections is a strategy that students can use during or after reading to enhance their understanding of the text. In writing, we will continue to practise writing paragraphs that have a clear topic sentence, supporting details and a concluding sentence. We will also continue to work weekly on grammar and sentence making.

Please note that students should be reading as often as possible and recording the minutes read in the reading log. The log should be initialed by a parent for verification purposes.


We have begun our Number Sense unit, during this unit, the students are expected to read, represent, compare and order whole numbers to 100 000 and decimal numbers from 0.01 to 1.0 using a variety of tools, round decimal numbers to the nearest tenth, add and subtract decimal numbers to hundredths, multiply decimal numbers and solve problems that arise from real life situations.

Social Studies/Science

We will continue to work with government and citizenship. Students will be creating and presenting role plays that demonstrate specific rights from the Canadian Charter of Rights.

In Science, we will be finishing up our unit about Forces acting on Structures. Students will participate in a few more structure building hands on activities. They will build paper bridges designed to hold a specific load and then a bridge using popsicle sticks that will need to withstand forces (tension, compression, etc.).


Please remember to have indoor shoes at school in order to participate in gym and DPA activities. Dress boots and winter boots are not safe to wear for these activities.