Illegal Logging

By: Carl Kramer

Logging in the Rainforest

Logging in the rain forest isn't illegal in some places. The rain forests produce more than 40% of the world oxygen. It is estimated that over half of the animal species live in a tropical rain forest. At least 3,000 fruits are found in a tropical rain forest. 25% of the pharmaceuticals are derived from some part or something in the rain forest. Lumber is the most exported good. The rain forest in a vital part of the plant Earth.

Illegal Logging in rain forests

Logging related to Tragedy of Commons

The rain forest is governed the best it can be, but that doesn't mean there aren't some "grey" areas. These "grey" areas are the spot that no one has claimed or set laws or rules of that specific part. Lumber is trying to be logged at the low price possible, because no one has set laws for the "grey" areas of the rain forest loggers come in and log the rain forest. These actions directly impact the Earth. By destroying the rain forest we are destroying a whole part of the planet we have yet to discover. We are losing medical resources and food intake sources. By logging we aren't just causing the extinction of plants an animals, we are driving out the people whole live in the rain forest.

Who this involves...

Many people are affected by logging in the rain forest. People who are directly impacted are the people who live near where they are logging. These people have loud noises, big logs laying around, new roads being build, and animals be torn from their original habitat. The biggest one is people who live in the rain forest are losing their homes and forced to move. Who is indirectly affected? EVERYONE!! Well people cut down rain forests we are losing oxygen and resources we could use to try and solve a medical problem.