The Biography of Edmund Barton.

"Edmund Barton | The story you never knew."

-=-=-=-|Status of Barton|-=-=-=-

  • Edmund Barton was critically acclaimed for being the very first judge and prime minister for Australia.

  • Barton was born during the time of January 18, 1849, Glebe , Sydney.

  • Barton led to a terrible fate, and died in January 7, 1920, Hydro Majastic Hotel, Medlow Bath.
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This is the appearance of Barton, the picture was taken during the 90s, thus is why the image is the "Black and White" style.


During Mr. Barton's childhood, his favourite things were usually fishing and cricket, to say least. During Cricket, he was a mediocre batsman at best, but a fieldsman turned into an outright catastrophe.


After Barton's childhood, he had been grown a lot older since, he decided to go to University of Sydney, after the years of education, he decides to try his best to become the prime minster of his country known as Australia.

-=-=-=-|The Barton Residence|-=-=-=-

The Barton Residence is less known from Barton's audience.

His spouse is known as Jane Mason Ross.

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