Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of May 2 - 6

MAPS and DIBELS testing this week

The students will take MAPS (Measure of Academic Progress) and DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) this week. The results are reported to the Wyoming Department of Education. I know the students have made amazing reading and math growth this year and am so proud of them. To ensure they do their best on these assessments, please make sure they are getting plenty of rest this week. Also, please ensure they are eating a great breakfast! Thanks for your help as your kiddos get to prove what great thinkers they are in literacy and math!


Phonics Skill - We are practicing the different sounds of oi and oy sound.

We are also practicing words with the er and or suffix such as teacher, doctor.

Comprehension Skills - This week we are discussing main idea and details.


oil, soil, voice, point, boy, boil, coin, oink, toy, join

High Frequency Words - Words to know how to read in a snap!

against, goes, heavy, kinds, today


We will be working on shapes; 2D and 3D.

Contact me with any questions, concerns and joys!