Discovery Update

March 1, 2022

A Message From The Principal

Spring arrives in March and we certainly are ready for some nice days outside. Our playground has been pretty soggy this winter and has limited the area we can play in. It doesn’t hold us back though. We have been moving forward with our work through all of the exciting weather times. Coming in April is a new big toy for our playground. This will be an addition to the other play equipment we have. The installation will surely create some excitement around here.

We are reviewing our protocols for safety in our schools and will be following CDC and Health Department guidelines as we have been doing. Look for communication from Superintendent Alfano, your child's teacher, or myself in the near future. We are celebrating that our cases of Covid with students or adults in our school are very low at this time. Hopefully it will stay that way!

This Spring we are looking forward to hosting many fun family events including: our Discovery Kindness Challenge, Literature Festival, Field Day, learning celebrations, and parent conferences. We hope families will be able to join us for these activities. Please check for dates and times in this newsletter as well as on our website .

Regularly scheduled conference time will be March 9 - 11. Once again, we ask that you bring your child with you to the conference appointment. This way they will be able to share their progress and be part of planning for the remainder of the school year. Please remember that you may request a Zoom, telephone, or personal conference with your child’s teacher at any time.

Have a wonderful month,

Julie Bartlett, Principal

Discovery Primary School

A Message to Our Families During Difficult Times

We know that some of our students might be affected by the current events in the news and others might have heard nothing about the events. Our mission at Discovery will continue to be making school a place where all students feel safe and welcomed.

Here are some ideas to help your child:

  • Turn off the news and media when your child is present. This will allow you to monitor and control what information your child is hearing. It will also allow you to make sure that the information they are hearing is accurate and developmentally appropriate.

  • Take their Lead. If they don’t bring it up, you might choose not to talk about it with them. It can be hard for young children to process such large and complex issues.

  • Keep explanations simple. Sometimes grownups have a tendency to over share or explain which might be too much for children to understand.

    • For example, you might tell a child that what is happening in Russia and Ukraine is like two neighbors who are arguing and have been arguing for a really long time.

    • Another example, “Some people in another country disagree on what’s important to them, and sometimes war occurs when that happens. The war is not happening near us, and we’re not in any danger.” Talking to Your Kids About War

  • Point out the people who are helping. As with any terrible event, you can find people who are helping. Pointing out what those people are doing to help can help your child see there are good people even in bad situations.

  • Reassure them. Make sure that you tell your child that they are OK and that you are here to keep them safe.

  • Take care of yourself. Students learn their coping strategies by watching the grownups in their lives.

Here are some additional articles that you might find helpful.

If you have concerns that we can help with please feel free to contact our counselor, Jessica Blakeway at or (253)517-1200 .

One Hundred Days of School Celebrations

Important Dates

March 1-30 - The Great Book Hunt (See below for more detail)

March 2 - Early Release - Elementary Conference Prep

March 7 - Late Start Monday

March 8 - Kindergarten Information Night 6:30 - 7:30

March 8 - PTO Meeting 6:30 - 7:30

March 9 - Early Release - Elementary Conferences

March 10 - 11 No School - Elementary Conferences

March 14 - Late Start Monday

March 21 - Late Start Monday

March 24 - Spirit Day "Color Challenge"

March 28 - Late Start Monday

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Do you live in the Fife School District?


Do you have a child who will be 5 years old by August 31st, 2022?

March 8th Kindergarten Information Night 6:30-7:30

Explanation of the kindergarten program offered in 2022.

Registration process explained

Question and answer session


Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:



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Online Kindergarten Registration begins March 9TH 2022

Students must be 5 years old by August 31, 2022 to be eligible for kindergarten. Please check or click here to determine which school your child will attend.

Items needed for registration are:

  • Copy of student’s birth certificate

  • Complete immunization records (provider verified)

  • Emergency names and contact numbers

  • Proof of residency within the Fife school district (A copy of mortgage/lease agreement or utility bill showing the physical address will work for proof of residency.)

  • Online Registration forms filled out completely.

  • Link Here open on March 9

***For more information please call your child’s assigned school:

Discovery Primary 517-1200 or Fife Elementary 517-1400


If your student is out of district and attends Fife Public Schools, please CLICK HERE to complete the upcoming 2022-2023 school year application form.
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*********** Family Fun Events ************

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Looking For Gently Used Books for New Homes

Do you have gently used children's books that you would like to donate? Discovery would love to take your gently used books off your hands and donate them to students to read at home through our New Homes for Used Books event from March 21st-31st. You can send the books to school with your child or drop them off in Discovery's book donation bin found in front of the library doors during conferences.

*********** Read and Lead Update ************

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Fife High School Pack the Stands

To learn about Fife High School Unified Pack click here

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Omlife Vaccine Clinic

Omlife is providing a clinic for students and adults to be vaccinated against COVID-19 on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at Columbia Junior High School.

Omlife will be offering the following vaccines (prime series doses and boosters - 3rd and 4th doses per CDC guidelines. 4th Dose Recommendation

Boosters for 12+ are available for those who completed their vaccinations at least 5 months ago.

CDC Booster Information

Vaccine Information

Pfizer for Ages 5+

Moderna ages 18+

Johnson and Johnson/Jan ages 18+

Pfizer booster is available for 12+ and Moderna for 18+ years and older.

Students under 17 must have a parent, guardian, or legal representative present at the clinic.

*Flu shots and TDAP (for 12-18 years) vaccines are also available. More information is provided on the Omlife link.

*All individuals must be registered prior to the event.

*Interested individuals may register at

Thank You Mrs. Smerer's Class for Singing "I Love Discovery" at the School Board Meeting

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