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October, 2021

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Inside this edition:

  • October Special Days Calendar
  • Ms. Jennifer's Virtual Library - Halloween Edition
  • Teaching Resources for the Virtual Library
  • 50 Activities That Support Social Emotional Learning by Sarah Krajewski
  • 5 SEL Lessons That Actually Work With Secondary Students by Abby Schukei
  • Gale for Educators - Tutorial Video
Don't forget to check out the resources for October, there are a bunch! The link is on the October Calendar in the upper right hand corner.

Thank you Pam Coomer, at LMS, for putting this together every month!


Ms. Jennifer's Virtual Library - Halloween Edition

Click on the picture below to visit the Halloween edition of my virtual library where you will find the following.

Click on each of the following icons in the library to go to a video or a read-a-loud.

  • Witch (Elementary) - read-a-loud Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson (7:31)
  • Spider (Elementary) - read-a-loud The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt (7:29)
  • Pumpkin (Elementary) - read-a-loud The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz (11:21)
  • Bat (Upper Elementary, MS, HS) - video - Bloody Amazing Facts About Vampire Bats (4:26)
  • Moon (Upper Elementary, MS, HS) - video - The Universe: Moon Mysteries Revealed (44:28)
  • Rat (MS/HS) - read-a-loud - The Rats In The Walls by H.P. Lovecraft (54:53)
  • Cat (MS/HS) - read-a-loud - Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe (14:22)

Teaching Resources for the Virtual Library

Schedule/Contact Information

Monday - Brooklawn

Tuesday - Peace

Wednesday - KMI

Thursday - HOTI

Friday - Louisville Day