3rd Grade Recess - LEGO Club

Legos Legos Legos!

Do you go crazy for LEGOS? Do you have a creative mind? Then I have the thing you've always wanted... A lego club! You can share ideas for lego creations, share the actual creation, and best of all...BUILD LEGOS!!!

Here are the rules of the club:

  1. NO INSULTS!!! IF you do, we will ask you to leave the club. We are very serious about having fun and not hurting anyone's feelings.
  2. Have fun! That's the whole point of signing up!

To join the club, you must bring:

Happiness, and a bag of your own LEGOs to share with the group!

PS. I will supply some LEGOs, too!

This club is being organized by Eli Moore. If you want to join (I hope you do), please contact my mom at

Our first meeting

Will be determined.

Hope You Can Join!