Beasley Weekly Bulletin

Week of January 4, 2016

Happy New Year Beasley!!!

Have you set your New Years Resolution yet?

This year our goal is for Beasley to become a Level 1+ school. I am very grateful that we have achieved Level 1 again but what we have yet to achieve is Level 1+. This can be done by focusing on our goals. 80% or more student growth in reading, 60-65% or more growth in math, and 60% or more student attainment.

On a personal note - This is my 5th year at Beasley and when I look down the hallways of this school from when I started back in 2011 it is so very different now. Our enrollment is high (1,436). Our school has shown its resiliency from moving from a Level 2 to a Level 1 school. Our CPC has received the highest quality rating from the state (Gold). Our current student attendance rates are excellent at 96%. Our hallways are colorful and affirming the high expectations we have for our students. We have more technology in the building than we ever had. Capital improvements to our gym, library, and a new digital marquee. We have so many community partnerships to include: Ravinia, Communities in Schools, Kitchen Community and more. We even have our own Beasley bottled water!

There is so much more that I envision for our school and that includes the CPC. Thank you for your continued support of my leadership at Beasley. I respect and value all of you and what you do for our school. Hoping you all come back refreshed and renewed for a great new year!

Beasley New Year's Resolution - The Importance of Teacher/Staff Influence

After reflecting this year about ways to enhance our school, I have given much thought around the area of Teacher/Staff Influence. What this means is that teachers/staff have an influence in a broad range of decisions regarding school policies and practices when it relates to curriculum and instruction, programs, instructional materials and curriculum and instructional programs.

My goal as your principal is to make sure that you have a voice in these areas that are heard and respected. Given these points, Mrs. Haynes, Asst. Principal will be asking you to complete a Needs Assessment Survey the week when you return from winter break in order for us to get a better understanding about ways we can help you in your classrooms.

Over the break our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has met and determined that you may need more but we do not want to guess as to what those things are. For example, we know that some classes have Science Foss Kits but is that enough? Do you have a preference about our new K-5 Social Studies Curriculum that we intend to purchase? Do you prefer McGraw-Hill, Holt, or something different? We have ordered more technology for Industrial Arts but can added technology in our other Resource Classes be beneficial? Some teachers have attended professional development (PD) training that we were more than happy to support i.e. Mrs. Bertoncini (1st) and Ms. Robins (1st) are scheduled to attend a 1st Grade Conference in January. Are there any PDs that you would like to attend? WE ARE GIVING THIS A LOT OF THOUGHT AND WE ARE LISTENING. PLEASE LET US KNOW.

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Quote- "Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best." -Bob Talbert

The reason why I selected this quote is that it conveys the shifts in teaching that is needed to close the achievement gap for NWEA and PARCC. When students are able to distinguish when to apply specific strategies and how to apply those strategies effectively builds their efficacy to problem solve and to become successful on these assessments. Of course we want for them to know the correct answer but if they do not understand what they are being asked to do then students are not likely to answer the questions correctly.

As a progress Monitoring strategy we ask you to implement the following:

1. Algebra word problems that are incorrect that allows students to argue, defend and warrant their analysis. Please ask members from the Beasley ILT if you would like more information.

2. Teach poetry devices and complex poetry to build comprehension. Attached is a copy of a poem titled "A girl named jack." Challenge students to find different devices that are used in order to build their comprehension. Did the students notice that the poem could be about the author? Why are some lines in italics? Do students know what is a memoir? Why is the title in lower case? What else could be taught?

a girl named jack


Good enough name for me, my father said

the day I was born.

Don't see why

she can't have it, too.

But the women said no.

My mother first.

Then each aunt, pulling my pink blanket back

patting the crop of thick curls

tugging at my new toes

touching my cheeks.

We won't have a girl named Jack, my mother said.

And my father's sisters whispered,

A boy named Jack was bad enough.

But only so my mother could hear.

Name a girl Jack, my father said,

and she can't help but

grow up strong.

Raise her right, my father said,

and she'll make that name her own.

Name a girl Jack

and people will look at her twice, my father said.

For no good reason but to ask if her parents

were crazy, my mother said.

And back and forth it went until I was Jackie

and my father left the hospital mad.

My mother said to my aunts,

Hand me that pen, wrote

Jacqueline where it asked for a name.

Jacqueline, just in case

someone thought to drop the ie.

Jacqueline, just in case

I grew up and wanted something a little bit longer

and further away from


Beasley Emergency Management Meeting Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 @ 7:45 am

It is important that Beasley is prepared for various forms of emergencies. Preparedness includes developing plans for students and staff about what to do, where to go, or who to call for help before and event occurs. In order for our school to be prepared, we will need to hold an Emergency Management Meeting on Wednesday, January 6th, 2015 at 7:45 am in the LRC. This is a paid professional development 1 hour meeting. Our objective are as follows:

Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

In a separate email, please see the attached is a copy of our customized Beasley Emergency Management Plan Checklist. The purpose of this checklist is to organize our meeting about topics to be addressed.

Emergency Management Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 at 7:45am

5255 South State Street

Chicago, IL

The meeting is for Beasley Personnel Only in the LRC.

Student Progress Monitoring

Beasley has implemented the following systems to help targeted Tier 1, 2, and 3 students receive added intervention support and they are as follows:

1. K-4th Pull-Out/Small Group Instruction with Resource Teacher Support Staff - CIWP 1

2. Quarterly On/Off Track Data Parent/Student Reports - CIWP 1 and 2

3. MTSS Student Grouping by NWEA Data for Targeted Differentiation - CIWP 6

4. Argument-Centered Literacy Approach - CIWP 1 and 2

5. Emphasis on Algebra K-8th - CIWP 1 and 2

6. Quarterly ILT Literacy and Math Assessments

Our next steps are to get more granular about instructional needs by grade band. Because Beasley is so large and diverse a 'one-size fits all approach' may not always work or apply to all grade level areas. Practical and workable solutions are needed as long as it indicates a strong coherence and intentional purpose within grade bands. I have learned some very interesting points of views according to my administrative team and they are as follows:

K-2 - How can we improve the Progress Monitoring process to improve TRC/DIBELS proficiency? - AP Haynes

3rd-5th - How should homework be viewed to support student growth? AP Wilson

6th-8th - How can we sustain student accountability? How can we cultivate students' intrinsic motivation to become better student learners? Principal Dr. BC

These essential questions are something that should drive your collaboration for your upcoming Teacher Team Meetings. Please make sure these questions are under your Problem of Practice (POP) on your Teacher Team Meeting Agendas.

Beasley Science Fair & Whitney Young H.S. Collaboration (High School Readiness)

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Mr. Clark (8th) grade Science Teacher for coordinating our 8th grade Science Fair. Mr. Clark arranged for high school students from Whitney Young H.S. to serve as judges for this event. Mr. Clark is asked to make a school wide announcement of our Science Fair winners on Monday, January 4th, 2016. Featured is Sharon Adeyinka, Science Fair Winner.
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Uncle Remos Saucy Fried Chicken Coat Donation for STLS Students (Community Partner)

Would like to extend a huge thanks to the Uncle Remos Chicken Organization (located at 737 E 47th St, Chicago, IL 60615) for generously donating new coats for some of our STLS students before the winter break. We hope that this will help some of our student to stay warm during these winter months.
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After School Matters Presents "Move Me Soul" Beasley Alumna Debut Performance" (Creative Arts)

A special thanks goes to our former teacher Mrs. Diana Muhammad. She returned back to Beasley with some of our Beasley dance troupe alumni who provided a dance performance at our school on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the auditorium. The events included: music, dance and spoken word.
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Banking on Our Future (Career Readiness)

We would like to thank Mrs. Rendleman, Guidance Counselor for arranging Banking on Our Future Program to come to Beasley. These career professionals in banking and finance taught our children the importance of being a fiscally responsible. In addition, they provided them with information to support their understanding of the clearinghouse process, debits/credits and accurate check writing procedures.
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Know Your Heritage (Black History Academic Bowl)

Every year we put on a big performance, play or musical for Black History Month. This year we intend to host a Know Your Heritage Academic Competition K-8th students. A Know Your Heritage Committee needs to be comprised. I am inviting any Beasley teacher or staff members to attend a paid first meeting to be held on Friday, January 8th at 7:45 am in the LRC.

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ESPs/Para-Professionals Meeting Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 7:45 am

All ESPs are asked to attend a paid meeting on Thursday, January 7th, 2015 at 7:45 am for the purposes of reviewing the evaluation process again. We would like to provide a QAR (Question and Response) and any other supports.

Enjoy Your Week!

Administration will be in the building from Monday to Wednesday, December 28-30th. The building will not be accessible for staff on December 31st or January 1st. Happy New Year!