The Lucky Law Firm

By Kirra Gibson

It's not just luck that will be on your side if you choose The Lucky Law Firm...

Choose Lucky Law Firm, the top choice for both celebrities and lucky people who find our ad in the state of North Carolina for years now. We don't just see our won cases as being a "mere stroke of luck" or "simply accidental". No. We have some of the best lawyers in the state. We deal with all cases, big or small, civil or criminal, and lucky or unlucky. We believe in helping the plaintiff's who bring a case into the court, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, the defendent, who the plaintiff brings with them as the person they are charging guilty of the felony or misdemeanor in which they have done. If you or a loved one has been summoned to court to testify, don't worry we can help. If there is a complaint that has been set against you or a loved one, we can help as well, despite the legal documentation stating the facts and reasons as to why you are guilty, luck can only help, not hurt.

So which step is right for you?

Below are the three steps a typical defendent or plaintiff will go through. These three levels will determine what level of attention and support you need. Bwlow we have provided the three types and what they represent:

Hurry! Limited Time Mediation!

If there is a civil court case that just seems to be going on forever, let us suggest the newest advancement in law, the alternate dispute resolution, also known as ADR is a new proven science that can help settle a dispute between two parties. We use an arbitration method in order to settle our disputes. This new way of thinking provides both parties with help to create solid effects, and decrease anger and resentment caused by ongoing oral disagreements between two parties. Hurry though, this trial service is only available for a limited time due to popular demand.