Capital: Santiago

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Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the Capital of Chile and is the most populated city in Chile with the population of 4,837,295.
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Chilean War of Independence

Chile was controlled by Spain. The Chilean War of Independence started on September 18, 1810 and ended on February 12, 1818, and they are still an independent country.

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Chile's Flag

Chile's official language is Spanish. The blue part of the flag represents the sky, the red part represents the blood from fighting for freedom, and the white represents the snow of the Andes Mountains.
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Chile is located in South America, west of Argentina, and at 33°s, 70°w.
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Chile's Government

Chile has a Representative Democracy government, their leader is Michelle Bachelet. Their currency is pesos. Chile's economic system is Capitalism.
People should visit Chile because of their amazing sights and cities. Tourists should visit cities like Temuco. Chile's cities are known for their casinos, sports, volcanoes, beer and culture. They can also visit Portillo, which is a ski resorting Chile. Tourists can ski, snowboard, and check out their mountains. Chile also has beautiful beaches like the La Serena beach in Northern Chile.