Bastard out of Carolina

Dorothy Allison



The main character's mother is telling her never to steal, and telling her about her bad older cousins.

Rising action:

The main character steals some tootsie rolls from a Winn-Dixie store.


The main character gets caught and is forced to confess her crime to the store and pay for the candy she stole, and begins to get very upset with the man at the store.

Falling action/Resolution:

the girl starts to calm down from being mad at the storekeeper, but realizes that she doesn't really feel bad for stealing the candy.

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The theme of this story is displayed throughout almost the entire text. The theme is that even if you mess up and do something bad, your family will still be there to support you. They will always help you through any problems you encounter. In this story the main character's mother tells her never to steal, and then she steals some tootsie rolls from the local store. The mother gets very mad at the daughter and is very disappointed, but she still helps her through the problem and teaches her not to do bad things like stealing ever again. It's an important thing to understand that your family will always be there to back you up through thick and thin.
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The main conflict of this story is both internal and external. After being told by her mother to never steal, the girl stole candy from the local store then got caught. Stealing and getting caught creates an external conflict, since her mother is mad at her, and also she broke the law. But because the girl steals and gets in trouble, she has to deal with that as an internal conflict, dealing with the guilt. In the end, the conflict is man vs man and man vs self because the girl must deal with the guilt and also her mom and the store keeper.
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This story takes place in Carolina. Specifically in the home of the young girl who is the main character. Some of the story also takes place in a Winn Dixie store. The Winn Dixie store is where the main character steals tootsie rolls from. The girl gets caught stealing and her mom scolds her in their home.

Figurative Language

Bastard out of Carolina uses lots of metaphors and similes to add fun and more understandable details to the story. For example:
"Slimy son of a bitch, probably eats tootsie rolls all day long." (80).

This is a great metaphor that the main character uses to describe a Win Dixie store keeper (in her head of course!). This metaphor makes it very easy to understand what the main character is thinking about the store keeper, and also makes it more interesting and humorous to read.

Compelling aspect

To me, the most compelling aspect of the story is that it really helps you understand a strong part of family. As in, your family is always there for you, even if you do something wrong. Your family will help you through thick and thin and be there to teach you right from wrong. Sometimes people don't understand how true this is, and this story really helps you understand that. Just to get that out of the story to me is enough reason to read it.