By: Evelyn Szymanski and Katie Marbes

How to stop your pet from attacking!!!

Pet safety can be a big problem, especially for younger children and elders. Although, it doesn't have to be a problem. There are many ways to prevent this from happening that are very helpful and safer for people, and for animals.


Raccoons are mean because they steal your food!

Prevention and Statics

  • teach kids how to approach an animal
  • do not approach any unfamiliar animal
  • stay calm (animals can sense fear)
  • don't enforce aggression
  • stay in control
  • never corner any animal

An estimate of 3 million people a year die from some sort of animal cause. The number is so high because of insects too like scorpions, bee stings, or even a dog going in front of a car and someone crashing.

Dangerous pets

Train or Pain.

How to properly train your pet

When training your pet, the biggest thing is to not enforce pain. Animals will be hurt and wouldn't learn the trick you want to teach them. Giving them praise with treats and love will be the best and successful training for your pet. When your pet does something unasked or violent the best thing to do is scold them by saying no in a firm controlled voice. Mainly, you pet needs to know that you're the boss and you're in control. If you follow these tips your pet will be well-trained and behaved.
kids and pet safety