Tone of clips

By: Kendra, Hannah, Sydney m, Sydney n

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Harry Is Alive Scene

Harry Potter

All of the characters are shocked and angry in the beginning and joyful in the end.The tone shifts after they realize Harry is alive to joyful. Harry is revealed to the characters. The choices the characters lines and stage setting of hiding Harry. Recognizing the tone helps the reader understand the plot of the story and what is intended by the author.

Walk to remember: Landon

Happy, content,smitten, then he is angry, bitter and shocked. The tone shifts after Jamie tells Landon that she has cancer and is sick. The toneis influenced by the location change, where they go from the busy streets to a dark private alley. This shifts Landon's happiness toa complete disbelief and anger that is injected after he is told the news. His facial expression play a big part on the tone.
AWTR - Jamie tells Landon the truth
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Prom night

She is peaceful and calm then terrified. The tone shifts after she closes the cabinet and sees her stalker in the reflection and screams. This is accomplished by setting on the bathroom for the mirror, facial expressions, and screaming. These elements change your happiness and relief that she is safe then you feel panic and fear for her attack.