Talbot County Public Schools

June 16, 2020

Parent Survey for Planning for FALL 2020 SCHOOL OPENING

As we plan for opening schools in the Fall, we are seeking your input. This past spring when schools were closed, our Continuity of Learning model provided limited instruction on key standards of core content without a set schedule. In the Fall, we will move to a complete “synchronous learning” model using several possible formats: totally virtual; totally physical; or a combination of both virtual and physical. Each offering will include a set schedule and complete accountability for both students and staff.

Synchronous learning is remote learning that happens in real-time with the interaction between the teacher and students that occurs in a face to face environment or in a virtual classroom setting, ie. access from home via web conferencing.

With the understanding that no one knows what the status of the pandemic will be in the Fall, we must consider the following three possible scenarios in our planning:

Remote Synchronous Learning (Stage 2) – ALL students would be learning from home or other remote locations with learning materials that reflect comprehensive grade and subject level expectations, with a required daily class schedule and accountability.

Blended Synchronous Learning (Stage 3)– A hybrid delivery of instruction with a combination of remote synchronous learning and on-campus school with a modified number of students in school buildings (A/B Day or A/B Week) to adhere to social distancing recommendations.

In-Person Synchronous Learning (Stage 3) – Most students attend school buildings each day with State recommended safety measures in place.

It is important to note that all of these scenarios will involve adherence to clearly defined safety protocols for collection of materials, the cleaning of schools, transportation equipment and other facilities, and nutrition as established by MSDE in collaboration with the MD Department of Health and the CDC Guidance.

Please click the link below to respond to our Parent Survey. Your input will be valuable to us in our planning process. Thank you!

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