Gandhi and Martin Luther King

How are they the same and different?

About Gandhi

Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were both amazing people who are in history as some of the greatest right activists. Gandhi used methods such as ignoring the governments rules. In 1930 after serving 22 years in jail, Gandhi led a 200 mile walk to the ocean to collect salt. This was against what the government wanted. Another method he used is, leading independence movements. Gandhi was apart of the Home Rule Movement. This was a non-violent way to show that he disagrees with the decisions. Lastly, Gandhi approached situations for freedom in non-violent ways. He would always try to help people and not harm them with violence.

How Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. are Similar

Their Methods and Themselves

Gandhi and Martin Luther King were very similar in their approaches. They both used non-violent ways to express how they felt. They both believed that violence was not the answer. They are also the same because they both wanted to help themselves and others from feeling mistreated. Martin Luther King gave his "I have a Dream" speech, and Gandhi spoke to people in smaller groups. Both of these amazing people gave others hope when they thought it was lost.

5 of Their Methods

Gandhi: Boycotting, Non-violence, Marches, Speeches, Campaigns.

Martin Luther King: Non-violence, Speeches, Campaigns, Marches, Boycotting.

As you see, both Gandhi and Martin Luther King had the same methods. They both believed in Peace, in Non-violence, Marching for freedom, Fighting for groups. Most of all, they believed in freedom for themselves, and the people around them