Technology Meeting

Technology Today

Cuts out all the ads, comments, and pictures of other videos that fill the screen as you watch a video.

Works with the following:

  • YouTube
  • Viddler
  • Vimeo

Microsoft Word

Improve their readability!


  1. Choose the File Tab or Windows button (upper left hand corner) in Microsoft Word
  2. Select "Options" then "Proofing"
  3. Go to the third section labeled "When correcting spelling and grammar in Word"
  4. Check box "Show readability statistics"
  5. Spell and grammar check your document and the statistics will then show at the end

Improve their synonym usage!


  1. Right click on the word
  2. Select Synonyms from the shortcut menu
  3. From the list of suggested words, highlight the word you would like to use


We now have! Hurray!!

Username: huffmanisd

Password: falcons2598

*You will only have use of this site during school hours.