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Retail store managers ensure promotions are run accurately and how the companies want them to be sorted. They make sure that staff are all working towards an achievable target and the excellent customer care standards are met at all times. Working on the shop floor, you are always in contact with customers, showing that you are approachable and also making sure your staff are doing the same. You would also be responsible for the day-to-day running of the store, motivating staff to achieve the best.

Qualifications & Work experience...

Having qualifications allows you to have a wider range of opportunities. Many companies would not provide you with a job if you didn't have qualifications. In this job it is important to have qualities that stand out. Fashion retail involves business over the internet, you could be searching for new trends in the media. Being able to sell products, this shows that you are a good marketer. Providing leadership and motivating your team shows good commitment to the company.

Work experience is prime. Although being paid while employed is beneficial, it is also essential to do voluntary work. Voluntary work will enable your knowledge about the working environment and understanding, as long as you have enough experience to show it shouldn't matter if you're being paid or volunteering.

Salary & Working hours

Salaries depend on the job somebody has and how long they have been working. A store manager is considered to earn a larger salary than a retailer because they are at a higher management and may also have better experience and working alongside other store managers who have motivated them.

Within retail, the average working week is around 40 hours. Although, on particular occasions workers may have to stay later and work for longer, this may not guarantee them extra pay. Many retail stores are open during weekdays. This means that there is a requirement to work a variety of different hours including late nights, weekends and bank holidays.

By looking at this graph it shows that a store manager would earn £22 841 where as a store assistant manager would earn £17 908. Being an assistant gives you the ability to show off what you can do and also the manager would motivate them to be successful.

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Regardless of the specific skills you need in this role. The obvious ones include being focused in your business, thinking outside the box and taking criticism. It is a quality to work independently however it is professional to be able to work with a team to come up with new ideas. If you want your brand to grow it is valid to have customer focus.

For retail it is key to be able to communicate with people in a polite and informative manner, this shows you are respectful especially with negotiating vital deals. Solving problems under pressure and with a tight deadline is prime because everything has to be up to a standard.


Responsibilities and skills are similar because in both categories it is essential to motivate others. You are also responsible for any accidents, you want to keep your employees safe and have dangerous equipment hidden. Being a store manager it is key to listen to customers complaints and what they need help with, providing a helpful response. When sales are coming out, you need to ensure that everybody is doing what they are supposed to be doing, keeping on track with sales and demands especially during the seasonal sales when the sales are major.

Example: Kurt Geiger...

Working with Kurt Geiger you need to ensure customer service is of the best standards and being a role model for your team, motivating eachother to grow as a company. Also show that you encourage the store in achieving the company sales targets. Working for Kurt Geiger you need to be reliable and protect the privacy of the companies label.


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