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Diva Bands

We've shipped Diva Bands no slip workout headbands all over the WORLD - from Florida to Alaska, from Canada to England and even Australia!

Diva Bands are high performance, handmade, super cute workout headbands that keep your hair in place and out of your face while you're running, playing sports or just running errands! Each of our workout headbands are made by hand by Macy Ross, a once stay at home mom who launched Diva Bands from her basement. Now Diva Bands workout headbands are sold in stores, shops, at events, in bookstores and online!

Our First Workout Headband Ambassador!

Diva Bands is excited to announce our first Ambassador! We are pleased to have Tanee, From Fat to Fit Chick, on board with us. Tanee is a true Diva, having shed more than 200 pounds by healthy eating, working out and laser-focus determination. "I have found if you change your attitude you will change your life!" Tanee is certainly changing lives - she has more than 200,000 daily followers who share workout plans, inspirational messages and fashion tips! Tanee and Macy are two of a kind - they both inspire others to workout and look cute! Tanee has gained a massive following on her blog and her Facebook page. Follow Tanee's journey and get inspired to workout!

Workout Headbands Blog

Are you following our workout headbands blog? Beverly writes: Sometimes when you are trying to lose weight or achieve a particular fitness goal, after awhile - you may hit a rut. You feel like you are doing all the right things, but you are not seeing any improvements. What am I doing wrong? Why isn't this working? What's wrong with me?? Frustration may set in. You may begin to feel hopeless. Well DON'T. Sometimes - you just gotta mix it up!! Don't give up . . . Click here to read more . . .

Our Newest Workout Headbands

Check out our newest the cutest WORKOUT HEADBANDS winter styles that we hope you'll love! Please send us your suggestions for styles to and, if we can find the ribbon, we'll try to make a workout headband that fits your suggestion.

Workout Headbands vs Hair Clips

More than Hair Accessories

Diva Bands workout headbands are more than the usual hair accessories like hair clips or bobby pins. Diva Bands are stylish, super cute and handmade no slip headbands that keep your hair in place and out of your face. Bobby pins fall out and take forever to put in. Rubber bands slip and pull your hair. Diva Bands are comfortable and strong. Easy on, easy off.

Help Us Grow Our Workout Headband Company!

Macy literally started making workout headbands in her basement for friends and family. Click here for her story. With their support, she grew her company and is making more workout headbands than she ever dreamed. Please help us grow by liking our Facebook page and check out our Youtube page. If you write a blog, let us know. Contact us here. We’d love for you to review our workout headbands!

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